Report: COVID-19 Impact on Cannabis Sales
See how COVID-19 has impacted legal cannabis in 5 U.S. and 3 Canadian markets.

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Liquid Dreams - Sativa Capsules 2-Pack (100mg)

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“Headset made my job incredibly easy when it comes to forecasting budgeting and just making sure that I have enough product in. It allows me to see inventory at all my locations, and it'll tell me exactly how many weeks I have out before I need to reorder again. This has been an invaluable tool for me to do my job.“
Kelley Owen, Director of Vendor Management
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Ben Bentitou, co-founder
“This isn’t just about our business; this is about a much bigger movement that we’re all working towards which is, that brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and data is another really great way for normalizing this industry.”
duni Disston, sales

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Basket Penetration in the Era of Cannabis 2.0 and COVID-19

This report looks at two metrics that have a lot to tell us about consumer behavior: basket penetration and attachment rate.

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