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What are the most popular cannabis products?

January 17, 2020

There are a lot more ways to get high than there used to be.

Due to the legalization movement and proliferation of cannabis dispensaries, if marijuana users don’t feel like rolling themselves, they can pick up something pre-rolled. And if they don’t feel like smoking at all, they can get their high by eating a cookie or drinking a soda.

So which products are most popular? And will Edibles or drinks ever become the primary way users get high?

At Headset, our cannabis retailer transaction dataset accounts for about 25% of legal marijuana transactions in Washington state. We decided to use our data to understand which products consumers are buying most—and the dispensaries’ profit margins from these sales.

According to the data, Flower, which is “traditional” marijuana bud, is still the most popular product with 49% of transactions compared to only 13% for Edibles, the next highest. But many non-traditional products like Live Resin, a special type of concentrate, and Carbonated Beverages are on the rise.

We also found that while Flower is the most popular product, it is the least profitable product category for retailers. Edibles in the form of brittle and cake, pre-rolled blunts, and THC in pill form are the most profitable product types

Accounting for essentially half of all purchases, Flower remains an overwhelming favorite among consumers but a few new products seeing growth in excess of 20% per month could be indicating the start of a shift in the market.

Which products are becoming more popular?

We also wanted to see if any products are growing in popularity. To examine this, we looked at the average monthly increase in product transactions over the last year.

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