December 30, 2020

Noteworthy cannabis brands to watch in 2021

We're recognizing nine brands that had a successful year in their respective markets.
Written by
Cooper Ashley
Published on
December 30, 2020
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As 2020 comes to an end, I think it's safe to assume that we're getting a little tired of reflecting. But despite our eagerness to move on, many brands worked hard to make 2020 a successful year and they deserve some recognition! Below, we take a look at the top movers and shakers of this year. We expect big things from these brands in 2021 and will be keeping a close watch.

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California - Cann

Cannabis brands to watch in 2021: Cann

Cann's microdosed 'social tonics' have had a wild year. Aside from securing celebrity investments (namely from Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow), CANN saw massive growth in both sales and unit volume. In California, CANN's monthly retail sales grew by over 1600% from only $38K in January to nearly $650K in November, making them the top Beverage brand in the state during that month.

Colorado - WYLD

Cannabis brands to watch in 2021: WYLD

WYLD, the brand of Gummies that originated in Oregon, continued their tour of cannabis world dominance this year, bringing their beloved edibles to Colorado with tremendous success. Despite not hitting the market until March, WYLD had already accumulated more than $10M in 2020 retail sales by the end of November and were the second ranked Edible brand in Colorado during that month.

Nevada - Flower One

While Flower One only makes up a portion of the parent company's (with the same name) total portfolio, it has had enough success this year in it's own right to be more than noteworthy. Flower One has had more than $14M in retail sales through November 2020, which is pretty impressive considering they had not yet entered the Nevada market in 2019.

Oregon - Mule Extracts

Cannabis brands to watch in 2021: Mule Extracts

Mule Extracts' sales graph over the previous two years is the exact shape any cannabis business owner or investor would like to see: a steady line up and to the right, indicating steady and continual sales growth month after month after month. This multi-category brand entered the market back in Q2 2019 and grew to a respectable $187K in sales by January 2020. Throughout 2020, those sales numbers continued to rise, largely due to the success of their low-cost 'Mule Kicker' gummy products. Total retail sales for Mule Extracts in November reached $715K, cementing their place as a key player in the Oregon market.

Washington - Buddy Boy Farm

Buddy Boy Farm has been offering their 'clean grown cannabis' since the early days of the Washington recreational market in 2014. Despite having been on the I-502 scene for more than half a decade, this brand was able to shake things up and saw tremendous growth this year. They reached a new all time high in monthly sales in May with more than $1.6M in retail sales. To put that in perspective, that month alone was nearly equivalent to half of their entire 2019 sales total!

Alberta - Good Supply

Good Supply, produced by Aphria, had minimal sales in Alberta during 2019, but quickly grew to be the top selling brand in the market this year with nearly $25M CAD by the end of November. Their sales were driven by success in both the Flower and, new to Canada in 2020, Vapor Pen categories.

British Columbia - Redecan

Cannabis brands to watch in 2021: Redecan

Redecan is a wildly successful brand across Canada as the 2020 YTD top selling brand in three out of the four provincial markets tracked by Headset, but its growth in British Columbia this year stands above the rest. Redecan's total retail sales in BC grew by 812% from $508K in January to $4.6M in October!

Ontario - Daily Special

Aurora Cannabis unleashed their new value-priced brand Daily Special on the Ontario market in March of this year. The brand was clearly well received as it has seen steady sales growth with an all time high of more than $2.2M in October 2020 when it reached the 5th ranked spot of all brands in Ontario. Keep an eye on this brand as they just released Vapor Pen cartridges at a significantly lower per unit price than the market average.

Saskatchewan - 7 Acres

7 Acres, one of many brands owned by The Supreme Cannabis Company, is not new to the Saskatchewan market, but were able to fuel strong sales growth in 2020 by expanding their product and category portfolio through the year. Sales to 7 Acres more than doubled from January to October 2020, with most of the sales growth coming from Pre-Roll, Vapor Pen, Oil, and Concentrate products, all of which they did not release until the middle of the year.

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