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Data Snapshot: Jun 11, 2024
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Alluris Wellness has shown a consistent performance in the Topical category within Illinois. Over the past four months, the brand has maintained a stable ranking at the 4th position from March to May 2024, improving from the 5th position in February 2024. This indicates a strong foothold in the Illinois market, despite a dip in sales from April to May 2024. The brand's ability to hold its rank suggests that it has a loyal customer base and effective market strategies in place.

However, the absence of Alluris Wellness in the top 30 brands in other states and categories could be seen as a potential area for growth or concern. The brand's concentration in Illinois may imply a need for expansion or diversification to mitigate risks associated with market saturation or regional economic downturns. Furthermore, the decline in sales from April to May 2024, despite maintaining the same rank, could indicate increased competition or changing consumer preferences. Monitoring these trends will be crucial for Alluris Wellness to sustain its market position and explore new opportunities.

May-2024 Rank
Alluris Wellness

Competitive Landscape

In the Illinois Topical category, Alluris Wellness has shown a notable performance trend over the past few months. Starting from a rank of 5th in February 2024, Alluris Wellness improved to 4th place by March and maintained this position through April and May. This consistent ranking places Alluris Wellness behind top competitors such as Avexia, which has held the 1st position consistently, and Doctor Solomon's, which remains firmly in 2nd place. Despite the competitive pressure, Alluris Wellness has managed to outperform Pure Essentials, which moved from 6th to 5th place in May. However, a significant drop in sales for Alluris Wellness in May indicates potential challenges ahead, emphasizing the need for strategic marketing efforts to maintain and improve its market position.

Alluris Wellness market ranking for IL Topical

Alluris Wellness

Notable Products

In May-2024, the top-performing product for Alluris Wellness was the CBD/THC/CBG 1:1:1 Alluris Soothe Lotion (100mg CBD, 100mg THC, 100mg CBG, 3oz, 15ml) in the Topical category, maintaining its rank as number one for four consecutive months despite a slight dip in sales to 622 units. This product has consistently held the top spot since February-2024. Other products have seen more fluctuation in their rankings, but this lotion remains a strong favorite among customers. The consistent ranking highlights its popularity and effectiveness. It will be interesting to monitor whether this product can maintain its top position in the coming months.

Product Rank
CBD/THC/CBG 1:1:1 Alluris Soothe Lotion (100mg CBD, 100mg THC, 100mg CBG, 3oz, 15ml)
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