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DermaFreeze is a high-tech, award-winning brand offering advanced topical cannabis Nano Gel products, recognized primarily for their unique blend of CBD, THC, Menthol, and Arnica. The brand utilizes nanotechnology to enhance the effectiveness of these components, providing powerful and targeted relief when applied to affected areas. Additionally, DermaFreeze secures its authenticity and transparency by providing comprehensive information on product ingredients and test results.

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In the topical category within Arizona, DermaFreeze has shown a consistent performance over the last four months, maintaining its 7th rank throughout. This stability in ranking is a positive indicator of DermaFreeze's solid standing in the Arizona market, suggesting a loyal customer base and effective market strategies. The sales figures for DermaFreeze have also seen a steady increase from January 2024, starting at $14,972 and reaching $20,724 by April 2024. This upward trend in sales, despite the constant rank, indicates growing consumer demand and possibly increased market share within the state's topical category.

However, the data provided does not cover DermaFreeze's performance across other states or provinces, nor does it delve into other product categories where the brand might be active. This limitation means that while DermaFreeze is performing well in the topical category within Arizona, it's unclear how the brand fares on a broader scale. The absence of ranking information for other months and locations could either suggest a focused strategy on the Arizona market or a potential area of growth for DermaFreeze in expanding its presence to other states and product categories. Nonetheless, the consistent rank and positive sales growth in Arizona's topical market highlight DermaFreeze's successful engagement with its target audience in this segment.

Apr-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the topical cannabis category in Arizona, DermaFreeze has maintained a consistent position, ranking 7th across the first four months of 2024. Despite its steady rank, DermaFreeze has seen a positive trend in sales, indicating a growing consumer base or increased purchase frequency among existing customers. Notably, its competitors, Müv / MUV and Chronic Health, have shown fluctuating ranks within the same period, with Müv / MUV generally holding a higher position (ranging from 4th to 5th) and Chronic Health experiencing a slight dip in April to the 6th position after peaking at 2nd in January. This dynamic suggests that while DermaFreeze has a solid foothold in the market, there is potential for upward mobility, especially if it can capitalize on the fluctuations of its competitors. The sales trends further underscore the competitive nature of the market, with DermaFreeze's sales growth hinting at an opportunity to capture a larger market share, provided it continues to build on its current momentum.

DermaFreeze market ranking for AZ Topical


Notable Products

In April 2024, the top-performing product for DermaFreeze was the CBD/THC 5:1 Advanced Topical Nano-Gel (500mg CBD, 100mg THC) within the Topical category, maintaining its number one rank consistently from January through April. Notably, this product saw an increase in sales, reaching 1100 units in April, showcasing its growing popularity among consumers. This consistent performance indicates a strong market preference and trust in this specific formulation. There were no other products listed for comparison in the dataset, suggesting this product's dominance in DermaFreeze's sales portfolio for the specified month. The upward trend in sales figures from January (780 units) to April highlights its increasing demand and potential for continued success in subsequent months.

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CBD/THC 5:1 Advanced Topical Nano-Gel (500mg CBD, 100mg THC)
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