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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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In the competitive landscape of New York's cannabis market, HALO by Rebelle has shown a notable presence within the Tincture & Sublingual category. Despite a promising start at the 7th rank in December 2023, the brand has experienced a gradual decline over the subsequent months, sliding to the 11th position by March 2024. This downward trajectory, while indicating a challenge in maintaining its foothold amidst fierce competition, also highlights the brand's initial strength in captivating the New York market. The decrease in rank is paralleled by a decline in sales, from $4740 in December 2023 to $2286 by March 2024, suggesting a need for strategic adjustments to regain and enhance market share.

While the data presents a clear picture of HALO by Rebelle's performance in the Tincture & Sublingual category within New York, it's crucial to consider the broader implications of these trends. The gradual decrease in ranking and sales underscores the competitive nature of the New York cannabis market and possibly reflects shifts in consumer preferences or increased competition. However, maintaining a position within the top 15 brands over a four-month period demonstrates a consistent level of consumer recognition and loyalty that should not be underestimated. For HALO by Rebelle, leveraging this base and addressing the factors contributing to the recent decline could be key to reversing the trend and improving future performance.

Mar-2024 Rank
Tincture & Sublingual
HALO by Rebelle

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Tincture & Sublingual category in New York, HALO by Rebelle has experienced a notable shift in its market position from December 2023 to March 2024, moving from 7th to 11th rank. This change reflects a decrease in sales over the period, indicating challenges in maintaining its market share against competitors. Noteworthy is Bison Botanics, which consistently ranked higher than HALO by Rebelle, showing a significant increase in sales and improving its rank from 9th in January to 9th in March, despite a slight drop in February. New entrants like Snobby Dankins and Love Oui'd have also made a splash, with Snobby Dankins jumping to 10th by March and Love Oui'd to 13th, showcasing rapid growth and consumer interest. Chime & Chill, another competitor, has seen fluctuations but remained close behind HALO by Rebelle, moving from 14th in February to 12th in March. These movements suggest a highly competitive market where brand positioning and sales are fluid, highlighting the importance for HALO by Rebelle to innovate and adapt to consumer preferences to regain and improve its market standing.

HALO by Rebelle market ranking for NY Tincture & Sublingual

HALO by Rebelle

Notable Products

In March 2024, HALO by Rebelle's top-performing product was the Golden Restore with Chlorophyll Mouth Spray (50mg CBD, 50mg THC) from the Tincture & Sublingual category, maintaining its leading position from February with sales reaching 54 units. Following closely was the Revive w/ Green Tea Microdose Mist Luster Mouth Spray (100mg), also from the Tincture & Sublingual category, which held the second rank after dropping from its previous leading position in January and February. Notably, the Golden Restore with Chlorophyll Mouth Spray demonstrated significant sales growth from February to March, showcasing its increasing popularity. The Revive w/ Green Tea Microdose Mist, however, experienced a notable decline in sales, dropping from 48 units in February to just 11 in March. These shifts highlight changing consumer preferences within the HALO by Rebelle product lineup, emphasizing the growing demand for CBD and THC combined solutions.

Product Rank
Golden Restore with Chlorophyll Mouth Spray (50mg CBD, 50mg THC)
Tincture & Sublingual
Revive w/ Green Tea Microdose Mist Luster Mouth Spray (100mg)
Tincture & Sublingual
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