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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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"Jointment by Blunt Botanicals" is a top-of-the-line cannabis topical addition to the self-care regimen of the informed, legal-age consumer interested in holistic wellness approaches. Designed to melt upon contact, "Jointment" is a vegan, cruelty-free product, made with exceptional natural ingredients for soothing and restoring the body. The brand stands out not only for its product quality but also for its stance on responsible use, as it emphasizes the need for understanding THC concentrations and potential effects of second-hand exposure to cannabis smoke.

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Jointment by Blunt Botanicals Historical Sales by Category

In the competitive cannabis market of Alberta, Jointment by Blunt Botanicals has shown a notable performance in the Topical category. Throughout the period from December 2023 to March 2024, the brand maintained a consistent presence in the top 10, with rankings fluctuating slightly from 10th in December to 9th in January and February, before returning to 10th in March. This stability in the rankings indicates a steady demand for their products, despite the highly competitive nature of the market. Sales figures reveal an upward trend, starting from $3,466 in December 2023 and peaking at $4,601 in February 2024, before slightly decreasing to $4,426 in March 2024. This sales trajectory underscores the brand's ability to attract and retain customers over time, a key indicator of its performance and acceptance in the Alberta market.

However, the absence of Jointment by Blunt Botanicals in the top 30 brands across other states or provinces during the same timeframe suggests a limited market presence or challenges in penetrating markets outside of Alberta. This could be interpreted as a missed opportunity or a strategic focus on consolidating their presence in a specific market before expanding further. The brand's performance in Alberta's Topical category demonstrates its potential, but the lack of visibility in other regions highlights the competitive challenges and market dynamics that new or growing cannabis brands face. For stakeholders and industry observers, these movements provide insights into consumer preferences and the evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, particularly in niche categories like Topicals, where brand differentiation and targeted marketing strategies can significantly impact a brand's market position and growth trajectory.

Mar-2024 Rank
Jointment by Blunt Botanicals

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the topical cannabis market in Alberta, Jointment by Blunt Botanicals has demonstrated a consistent performance, maintaining its position within the top 10 brands over the recent months. Notably, its rank fluctuated slightly, moving from 10th in December 2023 to 9th in January 2024, then to 9th in February, and finally settling at 10th in March 2024. This stability in ranking, amidst the dynamic shifts among competitors, indicates a steady demand for Jointment's offerings. Competitors such as Dosecann and Emprise Canada have shown more significant rank fluctuations, with Dosecann moving from 11th to 9th place and Emprise Canada from 8th to 8th, suggesting a more volatile market position. Meanwhile, Even Cannabis Company and Axea also experienced shifts in their rankings, indicating a competitive environment where slight changes in consumer preference or availability can impact a brand's market standing. Jointment's ability to maintain a relatively stable rank amidst these changes highlights its resilience and the loyal customer base it has cultivated within Alberta's topical cannabis market.

Jointment by Blunt Botanicals market ranking for AB Topical

Jointment by Blunt Botanicals

Notable Products

In Mar-2024, the top-performing product for Jointment by Blunt Botanicals was CBD:THC Massage Butter (250mg THC, 50mg CBD, 28g) within the Topical category, maintaining its number one position consistently from Dec-2023 through Mar-2024. This product saw a sales figure of 133 units in March, indicating a slight decrease from February's 135 units. No other products were mentioned, highlighting the dominant performance of the CBD:THC Massage Butter. The consistent ranking across four months showcases strong consumer preference and loyalty towards this product. Unfortunately, without additional product data, comparisons within the brand's portfolio for Mar-2024 cannot be made, but the provided information underscores the standout appeal of the CBD:THC Massage Butter.

Product Rank
CBD:THC Massage Butter (250mg THC, 50mg CBD, 28g)
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