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Ollopa is a renowned recreational cannabis brand, developed by PurCann Pharma, known for its high-THC products designed for recreational use. Offered alongside its therapeutic counterpart, OOVIE, Ollopa provides products processed in their elite laboratories intended to stimulate creativity and elevate ideas. Available in select stores, the Quebec-based brand also supports online orders paired with in-store pick-up or free delivery options.
Ollopa Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the capsule category, Ollopa has shown a mixed performance across different provinces. In Alberta, Ollopa's rank slipped from 15th in July 2023 to 18th in both August and September. The brand failed to make it to the top 20 in October, indicating a decrease in its market position. However, in Ontario, Ollopa has maintained a steady presence in the top 20, with its rank hovering between 15th and 17th over the four-month period. This reflects a relatively stable demand for Ollopa's capsules in Ontario compared to Alberta.

When it comes to the oil category, Ollopa's performance in Alberta shows room for improvement. The brand's ranking has consistently been outside the top 20, indicating a lower market position compared to other brands in the same category. While the specific sales figures are not disclosed, the downward trend in rankings suggests a decline in sales over the period. This analysis provides a snapshot of Ollopa's performance across different categories and provinces, offering valuable insights into the brand's market position and potential growth areas.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Ontario Capsules category, Ollopa has shown a steady improvement in its rank from July to September 2023, moving from 17th to 15th position. However, it slightly dropped to 16th position in October. This is in contrast to brands like Noon & Night and Briight, which maintained a relatively stable rank, and Impromptu, which saw a significant drop in rank from 10th to 17th. In terms of sales, Ollopa has shown a positive trend, with sales increasing significantly between July and September, and maintaining a high level into October. This is in contrast to NightNight and Impromptu, which saw a decrease in sales over the same period. These trends indicate that while Ollopa has room to improve in terms of rank, it is outperforming some of its competitors in terms of sales growth.

Ollopa market ranking for ON Capsules

Notable Products

In October 2023, Ollopa's top-performing product was the 'Titan 15 Capsules 15-Pack (150mg)' from the Capsules category, maintaining its number 1 ranking from the previous three months. The product recorded a notable sales figure of 880 units, although this was a decrease from the 1028 units sold in September 2023. The 'THC Goddard 30 Oil (30ml)' from the Oil category, which had consistently held the second position, dropped out of the rankings in October. This suggests a significant shift in consumer preference or availability issues. Further analysis is needed to understand the reasons behind this change and the implications for Ollopa's overall sales strategy.

Product Rank
Titan 15 Capsules 15-Pack (150mg)
THC Goddard 30 Oil (30ml)
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