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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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Artemis Body Care Historical Sales by Category

In the highly competitive cannabis market of Michigan, Artemis Body Care has shown a notable performance within the Topical category. Starting from December 2023, the brand was ranked 28th, demonstrating a steady climb through the ranks over the following months to reach 19th place by March 2024. This upward movement is indicative of increasing consumer acceptance and preference for Artemis Body Care's products in this segment. The sales figures align with this trend, starting from $597 in December 2023 and experiencing a significant jump to $3,389 by March 2024. The consistent improvement in rankings, coupled with substantial sales growth, paints a promising picture for Artemis Body Care's foothold and future in the Michigan market.

However, the data provided does not include Artemis Body Care's performance in other states or provinces, nor does it cover other product categories they might be involved in. This limitation means we can't fully assess the brand's overall market presence or its performance across different cannabis product lines. The absence of rankings for other categories or states could suggest that Artemis Body Care's current success is primarily concentrated in the Topical category within Michigan. While the brand's growth trajectory in this area is commendable, it also highlights the importance of diversification and expansion into other markets or product categories for sustained long-term success. Analyzing these trends and movements gives us a glimpse into Artemis Body Care's strategic positioning and potential areas for expansion.

Mar-2024 Rank
Artemis Body Care

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the topical cannabis market in Michigan, Artemis Body Care has shown a notable upward trajectory in its rankings and sales over the recent months. Starting from not being in the top 20 in December 2023, it climbed to the 19th position by March 2024, indicating a significant increase in consumer demand and market penetration. This growth is particularly impressive when compared to its competitors. For instance, Mary Jane's Medicinals maintained a stable presence within the top 20, but showed fluctuations in rank and a slight decrease in sales in February before recovering in March. Tree House CBD experienced a decline from the 18th to the 17th position, despite a sharp increase in sales in March, suggesting a highly competitive market. Meg & Zen and Zova, although consistent in their top 20 presence, did not show the same growth momentum as Artemis Body Care. This analysis suggests that Artemis Body Care is on a promising path, outpacing several competitors in terms of growth in rank and sales, which could position it as a rising contender in Michigan's topical cannabis category.

Artemis Body Care market ranking for MI Topical

Artemis Body Care

Notable Products

In March 2024, Artemis Body Care's top product was Moon Tonic- CBD/THC 1:2 Cramp Ease Topical (150mg CBD, 300mg THC, 15ml, 0.5oz) within the Topical category, maintaining its number one rank consistently from December 2023 through March 2024. This product saw a significant sales increase, peaking at 133 units sold in March. Unfortunately, without additional data on other products, the comparison within the rankings or sales figures for other items cannot be provided. However, the consistent top-ranking of this product suggests a strong and steady demand among Artemis Body Care's offerings. Insights into how other products performed in terms of ranking changes or sales figures for March 2024 are not available, highlighting the standout performance of the Moon Tonic- CBD/THC 1:2 Cramp Ease Topical alone.

Product Rank
Moon Tonic- CBD/THC 1:2 Cramp Ease Topical (150mg CBD, 300mg THC, 15ml, 0.5oz)
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