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Attune is a reputable marijuana brand specializing in topicals for soothing relief, featuring products such as the lightweight, unscented Attune Hydrating Lotion, and the popular Attune Muscle Freeze. The brand stands out for its conscientious cultivation practices, growing their CBD organically and ensuring non-GMO, low-THC hemp-derived products. However, with limited FDA analysis and potential health risks, consumers are advised to use the products responsibly.
Attune Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Topical category, Attune has been consistently performing in the top 10 brands in Massachusetts. Over the four-month span from July to October 2023, Attune's rankings fluctuated slightly, moving from 5th to 6th place and back. Despite the slight dip in rankings, it's important to note that Attune remained within the top tier of brands, demonstrating its strong presence in the market. The brand experienced a peak in sales in August 2023, however, by October, sales figures had reverted back to a similar level as seen in July.

While it's encouraging to see Attune's consistent presence in the top 10, there's room for improvement to secure a higher position. The fluctuation between 5th and 6th place indicates a close competition with other brands. It would be interesting to see how Attune plans to strengthen its position in the Topical category in Massachusetts. As the brand continues to evolve and respond to market trends, it will be crucial to monitor its performance in the coming months.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Massachusetts Topical cannabis market, Attune has been experiencing a fluctuating performance. In July 2023, it was ranked 5th, but dropped to 6th in August, rebounded to 5th in September, and then fell back to 6th in October. This indicates a slight instability in its market position. Its main competitors include Doctor Solomon's, SLATE, Happy Valley, and The Healing Rose (THR). Of these, SLATE has shown the most significant upward trend, moving from 8th place in July to 4th place in October, surpassing Attune. Happy Valley has consistently maintained a higher rank than Attune, while Doctor Solomon's and The Healing Rose (THR) have generally ranked lower. This competitive landscape suggests that while Attune is a strong player in the Massachusetts Topical cannabis market, it faces significant competition and must strive to improve its market position.

Attune market ranking for MA Topical

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Attune was 'CBD/THC 1:1 Muscle Freeze Lotion (75mg CBD, 75mg THC)', reclaiming its position after falling to the second rank in September. It managed to sell 461 units, the highest among all products. The 'Muscle Freeze Lotion (100mg THC, 30ml)', which had topped the list in September, came in second place in October. Interestingly, the 'CBD/THC 1:1 Muscle Freeze (69mg CBD, 66mg THC)' returned to the rankings in October, securing the third position after being unranked in September. These shifts in ranking indicate a dynamic market preference within Attune's product range.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:1 Muscle Freeze Lotion (75mg CBD, 75mg THC)
Muscle Freeze Lotion (100mg THC, 30ml)
CBD/THC 1:1 Muscle Freeze (69mg CBD, 66mg THC)
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