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In California, Bodega has shown a consistent performance in the Beverage category, with a slight but positive trajectory in its rankings from December 2023 through March 2024. Initially, Bodega was not ranked within the top 30 brands in December, January, and February, holding a position at rank 33. However, by March 2024, it managed to climb into the top 30, securing the 30th position. This upward movement suggests a growing consumer interest or increased distribution efforts in California's competitive cannabis beverage market. Although specific sales numbers for each month are not disclosed in detail, the sales in March 2024 were reported at 9,606 units, indicating a steady increase in sales from December 2023's 9,219 units, showcasing a positive trend in consumer purchases over the quarter.

The consistency in Bodega's performance, despite not breaking into the top 30 until March, highlights a significant resilience and potential for growth within the saturated California market. The fact that Bodega was able to improve its ranking and maintain steady sales growth, even when not initially ranked among the top brands, is noteworthy. This suggests that Bodega may be on a path to becoming more competitive in the Beverage category, as evidenced by its gradual ranking improvement and sales increase. However, the full impact of this growth trajectory and how it compares to competitors within the same category remains to be fully analyzed, offering an intriguing point of consideration for those closely watching the cannabis market trends in California.

Mar-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the beverage category in California, Bodega has shown a notable improvement in its market position from December 2023 to March 2024, moving from the 33rd to the 30th rank among top brands. This upward trajectory, albeit modest, is indicative of Bodega's resilience and potential for growth amidst fierce competition. Noteworthy competitors include Ray's Lemonade, which has consistently maintained a higher rank and showcased significant sales growth, particularly from December to January. Similarly, Happy Daze has outperformed Bodega in both rank and sales, indicating a strong consumer preference. However, Bodega's steady sales increase from December to March suggests a growing consumer base or increased brand loyalty. On the other hand, brands like Proof and Olala have shown fluctuating ranks and sales, highlighting the volatile nature of the market. Bodega's consistent rank improvement, despite these fluctuations, underscores its potential to climb higher in the competitive ranks with strategic marketing and product innovation.

Bodega market ranking for CA Beverage


Notable Products

In March 2024, Bodega's top-performing product was the Pineapple Cooler Cannabis-Infused Beverage (12oz, 12g THC), maintaining its leading position from the previous months with a notable sales figure of 1135 units. Following closely in second place was the Pear Cooler Cannabis-Infused Beverage (12oz, 12g THC), also consistent in its ranking since December 2023. The sales performance of these products indicates a stable consumer preference within Bodega's beverage category. There was no fluctuation in their rankings, showcasing a strong market presence and consumer loyalty towards these products. This consistency suggests that Bodega's top products have established a significant foothold in their respective categories.

Product Rank
Pineapple Cooler Cannabis-Infused Beverage (12oz, 12g THC)
Pear Cooler Cannabis-Infused Beverage (12oz, 12g THC)
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