D'Gree, a product of Green Thumb Industries, is a reputable cannabis brand that offers a blend of quality and expertly crafted marijuana in the expanding market. It operates under the nationally grown retail cannabis store chain called RISE, making it a recognized name in the cannabis industry. Highlighting its commitment to consumer health, the brand provides a safe environment for both novice and seasoned cannabis consumers, ensuring access to reliable, tested, and sustainable products.
Nov-2023 Sales
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D'Gree Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Observing the performance of the cannabis brand D'Gree in the Beverage category, there are some noteworthy trends. In Alberta, D'Gree has demonstrated a significant presence in the top 10 brands from August to November 2023. However, there has been a slight fluctuation in its ranking, moving from 10th in August, improving to 7th in October, and then falling back to 10th in November. This could imply a somewhat volatile market position, despite remaining within the top brands. The brand saw a decrease in sales from September to November, which may correlate with the rank fluctuation.

In contrast, D'Gree's performance in the Ontario market has been less impressive. For the same period, D'Gree did not make it into the top 20 brands, with rankings consistently hovering around the 22-23rd position. This is a clear indication that the brand is facing stiffer competition in Ontario's Beverage category. Despite not being in the top 20, sales numbers remained relatively stable, hinting at a steady customer base. Further analysis could provide insights into what steps D'Gree could take to improve its ranking in this market.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Beverage category in Ontario, D'Gree has maintained a steady position, hovering around the 22nd to 23rd rank from August to November 2023. This indicates a consistent performance despite the dynamic market conditions. However, D'Gree's competitors have shown varying trends. Keef Cola has experienced a significant drop in rank from 8th to 25th over the same period, indicating a decrease in sales. THC BioMed, despite not being in the top 20 in August, has shown a slight improvement in rank and sales, surpassing D'Gree by November. CANN Social Tonics has maintained a steady 14th rank until October, after which it dropped to 22nd in November. Lastly, Little Victory has shown a slight drop in rank from 20th to 24th, indicating a decrease in sales but still remaining close to D'Gree's performance.

D'Gree market ranking for ON Beverage

Notable Products

In November 2023, the top-performing products from D'Gree were primarily from their beverage line. The 'Blood Orange Creamsicle Soda (10mg THC, 355ml)' maintained its position as the top seller, with sales reaching 7141 units. Following closely, the 'Orange Vanilla Cream Sparkling Beverage (10mg THC, 355ml)' held the second rank with a slight decrease in sales compared to the previous month. The 'Iconic-C Classic Tomato Sparkling Beverage (10mg THC, 355ml)' secured the third rank, however, it saw a further drop in sales. Overall, the rankings remained consistent from the previous months, indicating a stable preference among the consumers.

Product Rank
Blood Orange Creamsicle Soda (10mg THC, 355ml)
Orange Vanilla Cream Sparkling Beverage (10mg THC, 355ml)
Iconic-C Classic Tomato Sparkling Beverage (10mg THC, 355ml)
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