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Dec-2023 Sales
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January 3, 2024
Mother Humboldt's Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the topical category, California based cannabis brand, Mother Humboldt's, has shown a significant upward trend in their state ranking over the last four months of 2023. They started off in September with a rank of 26, which means they were not among the top 20 brands in the state at that time. However, by December, they managed to climb up to the 19th spot. This steady rise in their ranking can be seen as a positive sign for the brand.

When it comes to sales, Mother Humboldt's has also been performing well. Their sales have shown a consistent upward trend, which coincides with their improvement in state ranking. This is a testament to their growing popularity among consumers in the California market. While we won't divulge the exact sales figures, it's safe to say that the last quarter of 2023 has been fruitful for Mother Humboldt's in terms of both ranking and sales. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain or even improve this momentum in the coming months.

Dec-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the California Topical category, Mother Humboldt's has shown a promising upward trend, improving its rank from 26th in September to 19th in December 2023. This progress is particularly noteworthy when compared to competitors such as Wild Bill's and Cannariginals Emu 420, both of which have seen a relatively stable or even slightly declining rank over the same period. Meanwhile, Kind Medicine, although starting from a higher rank than Mother Humboldt's, has not managed to break into the top 20. Another competitor, Jade Nectar, despite starting from a lower rank, has also shown a positive trend, but not as pronounced as Mother Humboldt's. Sales trends reflect these rankings, with Mother Humboldt's showing a substantial increase, outperforming all mentioned competitors in December 2023.

Mother Humboldt's market ranking for CA Topical

Notable Products

In December 2023, the top-performing products from Mother Humboldt's were the 'Topical Balm (37mg CBD, 54mg THC, 2oz)' and the 'Topical Balm (60mg CBD, 245mg THC, 4oz)'. The former maintained its number one ranking from November, with sales increasing from 91 to 114 units. The latter, despite a drop in rank from first to second place between September and December, saw an increase in sales from 16 to 62 units in the same period. These changes in rankings and sales figures indicate a growing preference for the 37mg CBD, 54mg THC, 2oz variant of the topical balm.

Product Rank
Topical Balm (37mg CBD, 54mg THC, 2oz)
Topical Balm (60mg CBD, 245mg THC, 4oz)
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