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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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In the tincture and sublingual category within Oregon, THClear Co has shown a notable performance trajectory over the recent months. Starting in December 2023, the brand was ranked 18th, which indicates a solid presence within the top 30 brands in the state for this category. The subsequent months saw a positive trend with the brand climbing to the 16th position in January 2024 and further up to 14th in February 2024. This upward movement suggests an increasing acceptance and preference for THClear Co's products among consumers in Oregon. However, March 2024 saw a slight dip in their ranking, moving down to 17th. Despite this minor setback, the sales figures for February 2024 peaked at 8,947, hinting at a strong consumer demand during this period. The fluctuation in rankings, coupled with the peak in sales, paints a complex picture of THClear Co's performance dynamics in the Oregon market.

It is essential to consider the broader implications of these rankings and sales figures for THClear Co's strategic positioning in the Oregon market. The initial climb in rankings from December 2023 through February 2024 could be indicative of effective marketing strategies or product enhancements that resonated well with the consumer base. However, the slight decline in March 2024 suggests that maintaining a consistent upward trajectory in such a competitive category is challenging. The absence of THClear Co from the top 30 brands in other states or categories during these months could either highlight a focused strategy on the Oregon market or suggest areas for potential expansion and growth. Analyzing these trends, stakeholders and interested parties can gauge the brand's market health and strategize accordingly to leverage its strengths or address any weaknesses.

Mar-2024 Rank
Tincture & Sublingual
THClear Co

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Tincture & Sublingual category in Oregon, THClear Co has experienced fluctuations in its market position, indicating a dynamic and competitive environment. Starting from December 2023, THClear Co ranked 18th, improved to 14th by February 2024, but then slightly dropped to 17th in March 2024. This trajectory suggests a volatile market share amidst stiff competition, particularly from brands like Mama Lou's, which consistently ranked higher than THClear Co from December 2023 to March 2024, and Elysium Fields, which also maintained a lead over THClear Co during the same period. Conversely, THClear Co managed to stay ahead of competitors such as The CBD Apothecary / THC Apothecary and TJ's Gardens, despite the latter showing a significant sales spike in February 2024. The fluctuating ranks and sales of THClear Co and its competitors highlight the brand's resilience and the need for strategic initiatives to secure a more stable market position in Oregon's Tincture & Sublingual category.

THClear Co market ranking for OR Tincture & Sublingual

THClear Co

Notable Products

In March 2024, the top-performing product for THClear Co was the CBD Pineapple Syrup Tincture (100mg CBD), maintaining its number one position from previous months with sales figures reaching 136 units. This product has consistently led the sales chart since December 2023, demonstrating strong consumer preference and loyalty. No other products were mentioned, indicating a focused but potentially limited dataset. The consistent top ranking of the CBD Pineapple Syrup Tincture (100mg CBD) across several months highlights its dominance in the Tincture & Sublingual category. This analysis suggests that THClear Co's customers have a strong preference for this product, which could inform future inventory and marketing strategies.

Product Rank
CBD Pineapple Syrup Tincture (100mg CBD)
Tincture & Sublingual
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