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Data Snapshot: Jul 04, 2024
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"Wild Bill's," an established tobacconist with over 170 operations in Michigan and Ohio, has recently expanded into the burgeoning cannabis market. Once known as Smoker's Outlet, this company has transformed from a traditional tobacco retailer to an innovative player in the cannabis industry, offering a variety of products such as CBD Oils. It is notable for its community focus and its collection of unique merchandise like collectible metal mugs.

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Wild Bill's Historical Sales by Category

Wild Bill's has shown a mixed performance across different states and categories. In California, the brand has maintained a steady presence in the Topical category, securing the 14th position in both March and May 2024. However, it's worth noting that Wild Bill's did not rank in the top 30 in April and June 2024, indicating a potential decline or stiff competition during those months. This fluctuation suggests that while the brand has a foothold in the market, it faces challenges in maintaining consistent visibility and sales in this highly competitive category.

On the other hand, the absence of Wild Bill's from the top 30 rankings in other states and categories could be a cause for concern or an opportunity for strategic focus. The brand's inability to secure a ranking in any other state or category during these months highlights areas where it may need to bolster its market presence or reassess its market strategies. Despite these gaps, the brand's ability to reappear in the rankings after a month off suggests resilience and the potential for recovery and growth if appropriate measures are taken.

Jun-2024 Rank
Wild Bill's

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the California Topical cannabis market, Wild Bill's has shown a relatively stable performance, maintaining a rank of 14 in both March and May 2024, though it did not appear in the top 20 in April and June 2024. This suggests some volatility in its market presence. Competitors such as Autumn Brands have consistently outperformed Wild Bill's, holding ranks between 10 and 12 over the same period, indicating a stronger and more stable market position. Proof also shows a competitive edge, with ranks fluctuating between 11 and 13, but consistently staying ahead of Wild Bill's. Meanwhile, brands like High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma and Cosmic View have lower rankings, with High Gorgeous by Yummi Karma appearing only in March at rank 16 and Cosmic View at rank 15, suggesting they are less of a threat. The data indicates that while Wild Bill's has a foothold in the market, it faces significant competition from more consistently performing brands, which could impact its sales and market share if the trend continues.

Wild Bill's market ranking for CA Topical

Wild Bill's

Notable Products

In June 2024, the top-performing product from Wild Bill's was Miracle Balm (600mg THC, 2oz) in the Topical category, maintaining its number one ranking for four consecutive months. Despite a decrease in sales to 129 units, it continues to lead the market. This product saw a significant drop from its March sales of 374 units. Other products in the lineup showed varying performance, but none managed to surpass the consistent dominance of Miracle Balm. This stability in ranking highlights the strong customer preference for this particular topical product.

Product Rank
Miracle Balm (600mg THC, 2oz)
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