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Wildflower Canada

Wildflower Wellness CBD, recognized as Canada's leading brand in the topical sector, is renowned for producing top-performing, uniquely formulated CBD and Hemp Products. This well-established company, with significant assets in both the US and Canada, is backed by experienced cannabis cultivators and innovators, and operates from the largest cannabis manufacturing facility in Nevada. The brand is also identified with its exceptional Wildflower cases, designed by Devon and Sydney Carlson, which like its cannabis products, stand out for their uniqueness and appeal.
Wildflower Canada Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Wildflower Canada, a prominent cannabis brand, has shown a consistent performance across various provinces in the topical category. In Alberta, the brand maintained a steady ranking within the top three from July to October 2023. However, there was a slight dip in sales over these months. In British Columbia, Wildflower Canada held the top position for three consecutive months, before dropping to third place in October. Despite this drop in ranking, the brand exhibited a strong sales performance, with a peak in August.

In Ontario, Wildflower Canada improved its ranking from third to second place from July to August 2023, and managed to maintain this position in the following months. The sales trend in this province also showed a positive direction, with a notable increase in August. Over in Saskatchewan, the brand consistently ranked second for three months, before dropping to third in October. However, the sales in this province showed a downward trend. It's worth noting that the brand was always within the top three in these provinces, indicating a strong market presence.

Competitive Landscape

In the Ontario Topical category, Wildflower Canada has shown a consistent performance, maintaining its rank within the top three brands over the period from July to October 2023. It managed to improve its rank from third in July to second in August, holding that position through to October. This indicates a positive trend in the brand's popularity and market share. However, it's worth noting that Proofly has consistently held the top rank during this period, indicating a strong competitor for Wildflower Canada. Additionally, Dosecann and Stewart Farms have also remained in the top six, suggesting a competitive market. Despite the competition, Wildflower Canada's sales have shown an upward trend, suggesting a growing consumer base and increasing market penetration.

Wildflower Canada market ranking for ON Topical

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Wildflower Canada was the CBD Relief Stick (205mg CBD), which maintained its number one ranking from previous months. The product sold a total of 4,517 units in October. The second best-selling product was the CBD Cool Stick (123mg CBD), also retaining its rank from the preceding months. Interestingly, the CBD Relief Stick (500mg CBD) dropped out of the top three products in October, after consistently ranking third in July, August, and September. This suggests a shift in customer preference or possible stock issues for this particular product.

Product Rank
CBD Relief Stick (205mg CBD)
CBD Cool Stick (123mg CBD)
CBD Relief Stick (500mg CBD)
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