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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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Apothecary Labs is a distinguished cannabis dispensary in the United States with advanced locations in Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company maintains its reputation as a leader in the field through a robust commitment to research and development activities partnered with Solace. Specializing in functional infusions of premium CBD extracts, Apothecary Labs focuses on maximizing the bio-availability and integrity of the CBD molecule.

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Apothecary Labs Historical Sales by Category

In the topical category across various states and provinces, Apothecary Labs has shown a mixed performance with notable fluctuations in rankings and sales. For instance, in Alberta, the brand's ranking improved from 20th in December 2023 to 14th in January and February 2024, before slipping to 18th in March 2024. This decline in ranking, despite an initial increase in sales from December 2023 to January 2024, suggests a competitive market environment where maintaining a consistent top position is challenging. Conversely, in Ontario, the brand maintained a more stable presence within the top 20, with slight variations in ranking from 15th in December 2023 to 15th again in March 2024, despite a notable dip in sales in February 2024. This stability in ranking, amidst sales fluctuations, indicates a resilient brand presence in Ontario's topical cannabis market.

Interestingly, Apothecary Labs made a new entry in the Saskatchewan market in February 2024, directly securing the 13th position and improving to 11th by March 2024. The absence of the brand from the top 30 in December 2023 and January 2024 highlights a significant market entry impact within two months, showcasing the brand's effective strategy or product reception in Saskatchewan. This upward trajectory in a new market contrasts with its performance in established markets like Alberta and Ontario, suggesting that new markets may present fresh opportunities for growth. However, the detailed sales figures and specific strategies behind these movements remain crucial for a comprehensive understanding of Apothecary Labs' performance dynamics across different regions.

Mar-2024 Rank
Apothecary Labs

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the topical cannabis category in Ontario, Apothecary Labs has experienced a slight fluctuation in its market position, moving from 15th in December 2023 to 16th and 17th in the subsequent months, before regaining its original rank in March 2024. This indicates a challenging environment, particularly when compared to Pura Earth (Canada) and Nuveev, which have consistently held higher ranks (14th and 13th respectively) during the same period. Notably, Pura Earth (Canada) and Nuveev have also shown stronger sales performance, highlighting a significant competitive edge over Apothecary Labs. Meanwhile, Emprise Canada and Lemon and Grass have trailed behind Apothecary Labs in rankings, with Lemon and Grass showing a notable absence in January's top 20, despite a later recovery. These dynamics underscore the importance for Apothecary Labs to innovate and bolster its market presence to not only maintain but also improve its standing in the competitive Ontario topical cannabis market.

Apothecary Labs market ranking for ON Topical

Apothecary Labs

Notable Products

In March 2024, Apothecary Labs saw the CBD/THC 1:3 Topical Roll-On Gel (20mg CBD, 60mg THC) claiming the top spot in sales, marking a consistent performance as it also led in February 2024 with 39 units sold. Following closely was the CBD:THC 2:1 Extra Strength Roll On (180mg CBD, 60mg THC, 88g), which held the second position, swapping places with the former product from January to February, indicating a competitive rivalry between these two topicals. Notably, the introduction of Apawthecary - CBD Bacon Oil (30ml) in the rankings at third place in March, without previous sales data, suggests a growing diversity in consumer preferences within Apothecary Labs' offerings. This new entry indicates a potential shift in market dynamics or an expanding customer base interested in innovative oil products. The sales figures and ranking shifts highlight the dynamic nature of product popularity, with the top two products showing a strong and consistent demand among Apothecary Labs' customers.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:3 Topical Roll-On Gel (20mg CBD, 60mg THC)
CBD:THC 2:1 Extra Strength Roll On (180mg CBD, 60mg THC, 88g)
Apawthecary - CBD Bacon Oil (30ml)
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