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Blissco's performance in the cannabis market has seen some notable changes, particularly in the province of Saskatchewan. In the Oil category, Blissco was not among the top 20 brands in July and September 2023, indicating a need for improvement in this area. However, it's worth noting that the brand managed to secure the 28th and 19th positions in August and October respectively, showing a positive upward trend. This movement is mirrored in the sales data, with a significant increase from August to October.

When it comes to Vapor Pens, Blissco's presence in the top 20 rankings is still not established as of October 2023. This could suggest a potential area of focus for the brand to increase its market share in Saskatchewan. However, it's important to remember that rankings do not always directly translate to sales performance. Despite the lack of ranking data in this category, Blissco still managed to record sales in October, indicating some level of consumer interest. This could be a good sign for future growth in this category.

Oct-2023 Rank
Vapor Pens

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Oil category in Saskatchewan, Blissco has shown a notable performance. Despite not being in the top 20 brands in July and September 2023, Blissco made a significant leap to the 19th rank in October 2023. This indicates a positive trend for Blissco, especially when compared to competitors like Glacial Gold and FIGR, which have experienced a decrease in rank over the same period. Specifically, Glacial Gold dropped from the 4th to the 17th position, while FIGR, although not in the top 20 in July, managed to climb up to the 20th position in October. Other competitors, such as Veryvell and Royal Co, maintained a relatively stable rank, with Veryvell consistently staying within the top 20 and Royal Co showing a slight improvement. The sales trends for these brands generally align with their ranking trends, further emphasizing Blissco's potential for growth in this market.

Blissco market ranking for SK Oil


Notable Products

In October 2023, Blissco's top-selling product was the CBD Pure Dew Oil (30ml), retaining its position from August 2023. The sales for this product saw a significant increase, jumping from 9 units in August to 25 units in October. The CBD Pur Cloud Distillate Cartridge (0.5g) emerged as the second best-selling product in the Vapor Pens category, marking its debut in the top rankings. The exact sales figure for this product is confidential, but it performed impressively. This shift in rankings indicates a growing consumer preference for Vapor Pens products alongside Oils.

Product Rank
CBD Pure Dew Oil (30ml)
CBD Pur Cloud Distillate Cartridge (0.5g)
Vapor Pens
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