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Royal Co

Royal Co. is distinguished in the premium cannabis market for its high-quality line of oils, concentrates, and extracts. Concentrated primarily in the Michigan area, it offers delivery services to a vast range of locations and is recognized for representing the QTBIPOC community in the cannabis industry. The brand's products, such as the Hybrid TAC and the Chilavender Vape, are highly-rated by its discerning customer base, appealing to various uses and senses.
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Royal Co Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the category of Oil, Royal Co has maintained a steady performance in British Columbia. From July to October 2023, they have consistently held their place within the top 20 brands, ranking 18th in July and improving to 16th from August to October. This consistent ranking suggests a stable consumer base and steady demand for their products in this market. In terms of sales, there has been a noticeable upward trend, with sales increasing from 5099 units in July to 6351 units in October.

On the other hand, in Saskatchewan, Royal Co's performance has been somewhat volatile. In July 2023, they were not in the top 20 brands, ranking 27th, which might imply a lesser market penetration or competition from other brands. However, they managed to break into the top 20 by September, ranking at 20th, but slipped slightly to 21st in October. Despite this fluctuation in ranking, there has been an upward trend in sales from July to September, jumping from 498 units to 997 units, but a slight decrease was observed in October, with sales dropping to 921 units.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Oil category within British Columbia, Royal Co has shown a steady performance, maintaining its rank at 16th for three consecutive months from August to October 2023. This is a slight improvement from its July rank of 18th. Competing brands have shown varied performance. Feather and XMG have consistently ranked higher than Royal Co, but have seen a slight decrease in their ranks over the same period. Atlas Thrive and ufeelu, on the other hand, have been fluctuating around the same ranks as Royal Co. In terms of sales, while exact figures are not provided, Royal Co has seen an upward trend from July to October, potentially indicating a growing customer base or increased product popularity. This is in contrast to most competitors, which appear to have experienced a decrease in sales over the same period.

Royal Co market ranking for BC Oil

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Royal Co. was the CBD Oil (30ml) which maintained its first rank from the previous months. This product showed an upward trend in sales, hitting a peak in October with a total of 451 units sold. Compared to the previous month, this represents a significant increase in sales, indicating a growing demand for this product. Other products from Royal Co. also performed well, but none could surpass the consistent sales figures of the CBD Oil (30ml). This analysis provides valuable insights for Royal Co. in understanding their product performance and customer preferences.

Product Rank
CBD Oil (30ml)
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