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Data Snapshot: Jan 30, 2024
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Doctor Terpene, a popular cannabis brand, has been exhibiting an interesting performance in the Topical category within the Oregon market. The brand started at rank 20 in August 2023, but it has steadily climbed the ladder to reach rank 11 by October 2023, maintaining that position in November 2023 as well. This upward trajectory in ranking signifies a positive trend, despite not making it into the top 10. It is noteworthy that the absence of a ranking number for a month indicates the brand did not make it into the top 20 for that state and category, so maintaining a consistent presence in the top 20 is a good sign.

When it comes to sales, Doctor Terpene's performance in Oregon shows an interesting pattern. Sales rose from 492 units in August 2023 to 556 units in September 2023. A significant surge was observed in October 2023, with sales skyrocketing to 2454 units. However, this was followed by a drop in November 2023, where sales were recorded at 1091 units. Despite the fluctuating sales figures, the overall trend seems to be on an upward trajectory, which suggests a growing demand for Doctor Terpene's products in the Topical category within this market.

Nov-2023 Rank
Doctor Terpene

Competitive Landscape

In the Oregon Topical category, Doctor Terpene has shown a notable upward trend in its ranking, moving from 20th in August 2023 to 11th in November 2023. This improvement in rank indicates a positive growth in popularity and sales, outperforming several competitors. For instance, Peak Extracts and Luminous Botanicals, despite maintaining a higher rank, have shown a slight decline or stagnation in their positions over the same period. In contrast, Sun God Medicinals has fluctuated in its rank, ending up at a lower position than Doctor Terpene in November. Enjoy has been inconsistent in maintaining a position in the top 20, indicating a less competitive stance in the market. The data suggests that Doctor Terpene is on a promising growth trajectory in the Oregon Topical category, outpacing several of its competitors.

Doctor Terpene market ranking for OR Topical

Doctor Terpene

Notable Products

In November 2023, the top-performing product from Doctor Terpene was the CBD Transdermal Patch (81.99mg CBD), moving up from the second position in October and August, and selling 58 units. The CBD/THC 1:1 Transdermal Patch (48mg CBD, 46mg THC) dropped to the second position in November, after maintaining the top rank in the previous three months. It is noteworthy that the sales of CBD Transdermal Patch (81.99mg CBD) significantly increased from 12 units in October to 58 units in November. However, the CBD/THC 1:1 Transdermal Patch (48mg CBD, 46mg THC) experienced a sharp decline in sales from 101 units in October to 19 units in November. Both products fall under the 'Topical' category, indicating a strong market preference for this category from Doctor Terpene.

Product Rank
CBD Transdermal Patch (81.99mg CBD)
CBD/THC 1:1 Transdermal Patch (48mg CBD, 46mg THC)
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