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Jan-2024 Sales
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February 7, 2024
Eaton Botanicals Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive landscape of the cannabis market, Eaton Botanicals has shown a notable performance within the Edibles category across various states. Specifically, in New York, Eaton Botanicals has demonstrated a fluctuating yet positive trajectory in its rankings over the last four months. Starting at 15th in October 2023, it experienced a slight dip to 16th in November, before dropping to 19th in December, indicating a momentary struggle to maintain its position within the top 20 brands. However, this downward trend was reversed in January 2024, as Eaton Botanicals climbed to 14th place. This rebound is particularly noteworthy, suggesting a strong start to the year and possibly reflecting strategic adjustments or increased consumer acceptance. Sales figures align with this upward movement, with December 2023 sales at 49,594, culminating in a significant increase to 54,240 in January 2024, highlighting a successful recovery and growth phase for the brand within the New York market.

While the detailed performance of Eaton Botanicals in other states or provinces remains unexplored in this analysis, the data from New York serves as a valuable indicator of the brand's potential and market dynamics. The absence of ranking information for Eaton Botanicals in other categories and states might imply either a focused strategy on the Edibles category within New York or a need to expand and strengthen its market presence elsewhere. The fluctuation in rankings, especially the dip outside the top 20 in December, underscores the competitive challenge faced by Eaton Botanicals, yet the subsequent recovery suggests resilience and adaptability. This pattern of performance highlights the importance of continuous innovation and market engagement for cannabis brands aiming to secure and enhance their standing in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. The strategic insights derived from Eaton Botanicals' journey in New York could serve as a roadmap for navigating market dynamics and consumer preferences, both within and beyond the Edible category.

Jan-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the edible category in New York, Eaton Botanicals has experienced a fluctuating journey in terms of its market rank and sales. Starting from a mid-tier position in October 2023, Eaton Botanicals saw a slight decline in November, dropping to the 16th rank, and faced a more significant dip in December, falling out of the top 20. However, January 2024 marked a notable recovery, with the brand climbing back to the 14th position. This rebound is particularly impressive when considering the performance of its competitors. For instance, Kushy Punch and Snoozy have shown more consistent upward trends in both rank and sales, with Snoozy notably jumping to higher ranks in December. On the other hand, brands like Love Oui'd and Senior Moments have experienced some volatility but remained in the top 20, indicating a fiercely competitive market. Eaton Botanicals' ability to regain its footing amidst such competition speaks to its resilience and potential for growth, despite the challenges posed by fluctuating sales and the dynamic rankings of its competitors.

Eaton Botanicals market ranking for NY Edible

Notable Products

In January 2024, Eaton Botanicals saw the THC/CBG 1:1 Dark Cherry Nightly Nightcap Gummies 20-Pack (100mg THC, 100mg CBG) as their top-selling product, with sales reaching 841 units. Following closely behind was the CBG/THC 1:1 Daily Elevation Peach Gummies 20-Pack (100mg CBG, 100mg THC), securing the second spot in the rankings. Notably, these two products have switched their rankings from the previous month, indicating a shift in consumer preferences within Eaton Botanicals' edible category. The CBN/THC 1:1 Elderberry Nightly Nightcap 20-Pack (100mg CBN, 100mg THC) was previously ranked third but did not make the list in January 2024, suggesting a significant change in its sales or possibly its discontinuation. This analysis highlights the dynamic nature of product popularity and consumer demand within the Eaton Botanicals lineup.

Product Rank
THC/CBG 1:1 Dark Cherry Nightly Nightcap Gummies 20-Pack (100mg THC, 100mg CBG)
CBG/THC 1:1 Daily Elevation Peach Gummies 20-Pack (100mg CBG, 100mg THC)
CBN/THC 1:1 Elderberry Nightly Nightcap 20-Pack (100mg CBN, 100mg THC)
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