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October 12, 2023
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EDEN Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the state of Maryland, EDEN had an interesting performance in the Concentrates category. In August 2023, they were ranked 27th, which means they were not among the top 20 brands for that month. However, they made a significant leap in September 2023, landing at the 19th spot. This indicates a substantial improvement in their market performance within a month. The missing rankings for June and July 2023 suggest that they were not in the top 20 brands during these months. This could be viewed as a negative point, but the impressive jump in September shows a promising upward trend for EDEN in the Concentrates category.

Looking at the sales details, we can see that EDEN had sales of 6521.0 in August 2023 and then a remarkable increase to 16636.0 in September 2023. This dramatic increase in sales corresponds with their improved ranking for the same period. It's clear that the brand has been making significant strides in the Maryland market. However, the missing sales data for June and July 2023 make it difficult to fully assess the brand's performance over the summer. Nonetheless, EDEN's performance in the Concentrates category in Maryland is certainly a development worth keeping an eye on.

Sep-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Concentrates category within Maryland, EDEN has shown a notable upward trend despite not appearing in the top 20 brands for July and June 2023. The brand's rank improved significantly from 27th in August to 19th in September, indicating a positive shift in market position. Comparatively, Cookies maintained a steady rank within the top 20, while Muse experienced a slight improvement. Interestingly, &Shine only appeared in the top 20 in June, and Eden Solventless, another brand from EDEN's portfolio, consistently ranked higher than EDEN itself. This competitive landscape suggests that while EDEN is making progress, there is still room for growth and improvement to reach the ranks of its competitors.

EDEN market ranking for MD Concentrates

Notable Products

In September 2023, the top-performing product from EDEN was the Grape Cake Moroccan Hash (1g) maintaining its rank from the previous month. The product recorded an impressive sales increase from 136 in August to 278 in September. The second highest-performing product was Fresh Marker Applesauce (1g), which also maintained its position from August. While specific sales figures for this product are withheld, it is notable that there was a significant increase in sales from the previous month. These rankings highlight the consistent performance of these products in the Concentrates category.

Product Rank
Grape Cake Moroccan Hash (1g)
Fresh Marker Applesauce (1g)
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