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Embody is a versatile lifestyle and CBD brand, characterized by its distinct and comprehensive range of products such as Body Butter, Delta-9 Gummies, and Rose Petal Cones, curated to cater to women keen on personal exploration. Driven by a robust brand culture, it upholds holistic wellness principles, as manifested in their superior full-spectrum Fresh Plant CBD+CBDA. The brand is part of the extensive product offerings at Canada's leading Cannabis store, Canna Cabana, with a significant online presence for easy customer accessibility.

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Embody Historical Sales by Category

In the competitive cannabis market of Ontario, Embody has shown a consistent presence in the Beverage category, albeit with a slight downward trend in its rankings over the first four months of 2024. Starting the year at rank 22 in January and February, it experienced a slight dip to 26th in March and further to 27th in April. This movement indicates a challenging environment for Embody amidst the vast selection of cannabis beverage options available to consumers in Ontario. Despite this, the brand managed to maintain a spot within the top 30 brands throughout these months, which is commendable. However, the declining rank could be a signal for Embody to reassess its market strategies or product offerings to regain its earlier positions or to stabilize its rankings.

When looking at the sales figures, there's a clear downward trajectory from January's sales of $27,047 to April's sales of $21,975. This decline in sales correlates with the drop in rankings, suggesting that Embody may be facing increased competition or experiencing a shift in consumer preferences within the Beverage category. Although still within the top 30, the brand's inability to improve or maintain its rank could be indicative of larger market dynamics at play or possibly an internal challenge such as supply issues or marketing effectiveness. Without revealing all details, it's evident that Embody needs to closely monitor these trends and possibly innovate or adapt to maintain or grow its market share in Ontario's competitive cannabis beverage sector.

Apr-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Beverage category in Ontario, Embody has experienced fluctuations in its market positioning, indicating a challenging environment. Initially ranked 22nd in January 2024, Embody maintained its position in February but saw a slight decline to 26th in March and further to 27th in April. This trend suggests a decrease in its market share relative to competitors. Notably, Yandi Fresh, despite a slight rank improvement from 17th to 19th from January to March, experienced a significant drop to 28th in April, indicating a volatile market. Conversely, Hover Beverages showed an impressive climb from 29th in January to 23rd in March, before slightly falling to 26th in April, showcasing their ability to capture market interest. Summit (Canada) and Aspire also faced challenges, with Summit fluctuating within the lower ranks and Aspire dropping to 31st in April. These movements highlight a highly competitive and dynamic market in Ontario, with Embody needing to strategize effectively to regain and enhance its market position amidst these fluctuations.

Embody market ranking for ON Beverage


Notable Products

In April 2024, Embody's top-performing product was CBD:THC Peach + Ginger White Sparkling White Tea (40mg CBD, 2mg THC, 355ml) within the Beverage category, maintaining its number one rank from the previous months with sales reaching 1948 units. The second-ranked product for the same month was CBD/THC Blood Orange + Rosemary Tea (40mg CBD, 2mg THC, 355ml), also in the Beverage category, which consistently held its position throughout the year. Notably, the sales figure for the leading product showcases its dominant market presence and consumer preference. There was no fluctuation in the rankings of these top products from January to April, indicating stable consumer demand. This consistency highlights the strong market positioning and consumer loyalty towards these specific offerings from Embody.

Product Rank
CBD:THC Peach + Ginger White Sparkling White Tea (40mg CBD, 2mg THC, 355ml)
CBD/THC Blood Orange + Rosemary Tea (40mg CBD, 2mg THC, 355ml)
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