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Data Snapshot: Apr 04, 2024
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Higher Vibrations Historical Sales by Category

In the competitive landscape of the cannabis market, Higher Vibrations has shown a noteworthy performance in the Vapor Pens category within Arizona. Notably absent from the top 30 brands in December 2023 and January 2024, the brand made a significant leap into the rankings by February 2024, securing the 37th position. This upward trajectory continued into March 2024, where Higher Vibrations improved its standing, moving up to the 26th spot. This progression indicates a growing consumer interest and an effective strategy in place for the brand within the state's Vapor Pens category. The sales figures further underscore this positive trend, with a substantial increase from $41,294 in February 2024 to $98,550 in March 2024, hinting at a rapidly expanding market presence and consumer base for Higher Vibrations in Arizona.

While the detailed performance of Higher Vibrations across other states or provinces and categories remains unexplored in this analysis, the brand's significant improvement in rankings and sales within Arizona's Vapor Pens category is a clear indicator of its potential. The absence from the top 30 rankings in the initial months could be viewed as a challenge that Higher Vibrations has successfully begun to overcome. This trajectory suggests a strategic pivot or increased market efforts that have begun to pay off. However, without comparing its performance across different states or categories, it's crucial to consider this as a snapshot of Higher Vibrations' journey, potentially signaling the beginning of a wider trend of growth and market penetration. The brand's ability to maintain this momentum and expand its presence in other categories and regions could further solidify its position in the competitive cannabis market.

Mar-2024 Rank
Vapor Pens
Higher Vibrations

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Vapor Pens category in Arizona, Higher Vibrations has shown a notable entry by securing the 37th rank in February 2024 and then improving to the 26th rank by March 2024. This movement indicates a significant upward trajectory in terms of market penetration and sales, with March sales more than doubling February's figures. Its closest competitors include AiroPro, which made a remarkable recovery from the 74th position in January to the 25th in March, and High Vibrations, a brand that surged from not being in the top 70 in January to the 24th rank by March, slightly outpacing Higher Vibrations. Other notable competitors are Bud Bros and Venom Extracts, which have shown more stability in their rankings but experienced a decline in sales and rank over the same period. This competitive analysis underscores the dynamic nature of the Vapor Pens market in Arizona, highlighting the rapid changes in rank and sales that brands like Higher Vibrations are navigating.

Higher Vibrations market ranking for AZ Vapor Pens

Higher Vibrations

Notable Products

In March 2024, Higher Vibrations saw Starfire Cream Live Resin Disposable (1g) leading the sales chart within the Vapor Pens category, marking a significant rise from the second position in February with a sales figure of 505 units. Following closely, Tim Treeblow Live Resin Disposable (1g) climbed from the fifth rank to the second, showcasing the brand's ability to maintain consumer interest across its product range. Newly introduced products, Mimosa, Skywalker OG, and Grape Candy Skunk Live Resin Disposables (all 1g), made a strong entry into the market, securing the third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively, in March. This shift indicates a dynamic consumer preference and the successful introduction of new products by Higher Vibrations. The rankings highlight the brand's adaptability and the growing popularity of its Vapor Pens category.

Product Rank
Starfire Cream Live Resin Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Tim Treeblow Live Resin Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Mimosa Live Resin Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Skywalker OG Live Resin Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Grape Candy Skunk Live Resin Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
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