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Nutra is a recognized brand in the marijuana industry associated with Nutra Pure LLC, a noteworthy health and wellness tailored company that focuses on producing premium CBD oils and capsules. With a broad range of services including brand development, white and private labelling, tailored packaging solutions, and a robust platform that aids in launching and growing cannabis brands, Nutra encompasses a commitment to not only product quality but also customer-specific demands. The company's unique dedication to continuous innovation, underscored by its involvement in initiating groundbreaking hemp studies, echoes throughout its highly-vetted, organic CBD, and hemp product offerings, spanning from oils and capsules to Delta 9, CBN, and CBG products.

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In the competitive landscape of cannabis capsules, Nutra has shown a consistent performance in British Columbia, maintaining its position within the top 15 brands from December 2023 through March 2024. Notably, its ranking improved slightly from 12th to 11th position between December and February, before stabilizing in March. This stability in ranking, combined with a noticeable increase in sales from December's $3,388 to February's $4,211, before a slight dip in March, suggests a robust demand for Nutra's capsule products in this province. However, the dip in March could indicate a need to watch for emerging trends or competitors that may impact Nutra's market share.

Contrastingly, Nutra's performance in the Ontario market presents a more volatile journey. The brand experienced a fluctuation in rankings within the top 30 brands, starting at 19th in December 2023, dropping to 22nd in January 2024, before climbing back up to 18th in February and then slightly dropping to 19th in March. This fluctuation, particularly the drop in January followed by a partial recovery, suggests that Nutra faced challenges but managed to regain some of its footing. Despite this, the significant drop in sales from December's $10,174 to January's $6,247, followed by a recovery in February and March, indicates a resilience in consumer demand. The brand's ability to bounce back in rankings and sales in Ontario, despite the initial setback, showcases its potential for growth and the need to closely monitor market dynamics to sustain and improve its position.

Mar-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the capsules category in Ontario, Nutra has experienced fluctuations in its market position, indicating a dynamic competitive environment. From December 2023 to March 2024, Nutra's rank saw a slight decline before stabilizing, moving from 19th in December to 22nd in January, then improving to 18th in February, and finally settling at 19th in March. This trajectory suggests challenges in maintaining its market position amidst fierce competition. Notably, Truro Cannabis Co. has shown a more stable and slightly improving performance, moving from 18th to 17th, indicating a stronger hold within the top 20. Similarly, Impromptu has demonstrated resilience, albeit with some fluctuations. In contrast, MediPharm Labs and Daily Special have experienced more significant rank changes, with MediPharm Labs notably improving from 23rd to 20th place by March 2024. These movements highlight the competitive pressures Nutra faces, not only in striving for higher ranks but also in defending its market share against both rising and established brands.

Nutra market ranking for ON Capsules


Notable Products

In March 2024, Nutra's top-performing product remained the CBD Isolate Capsules 15-Pack (1500mg CBD) within the Capsules category, holding its number one rank consistently from December 2023 through March 2024, with sales reaching 265 units in March. Following closely, the CBD Hemp Isolate Capsules 30-Pack (3000mg CBD), also in the Capsules category, maintained its second position across the same period, showcasing stable consumer preference with 71 units sold in March. These two products have consistently outperformed other items in their category, indicating a strong consumer preference for high-concentration CBD capsules. The sales figures for the leading product in March underline the sustained demand for CBD products, despite the fluctuating market. The unchanged rankings from December 2023 to March 2024 highlight Nutra's steady market presence and consumer trust in these top-tier products.

Product Rank
CBD Isolate Capsules 15-Pack (1500mg CBD)
CBD Hemp Isolate Capsules 30-Pack (3000mg CBD)
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