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Jan-2024 Sales
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February 6, 2024
PIFF Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive cannabis market, PIFF's performance across different states and categories reveals notable trends and shifts. In Alberta, PIFF's ranking in the Pre-Roll category has shown a positive trajectory, moving from a rank outside the top 20 in October 2023 to 13th by January 2024, indicating a strong upward movement and growing consumer preference. This is underscored by a significant increase in sales from October 2023's CAD 223,463 to CAD 465,535 by January 2024. Conversely, in Saskatchewan, PIFF's performance has been more volatile, with the brand not ranking in the top 20 in November 2023, and experiencing a fluctuating presence in the rankings at other times. This inconsistency could suggest challenges in brand penetration or consumer loyalty within the Saskatchewan market.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, PIFF has made remarkable progress in the Pre-Roll category, improving its rank from 56th in October 2023 to 18th by January 2024. This significant leap in rankings is complemented by a steady increase in sales, culminating in CAD 505,851 by January 2024, indicating a robust growth in market share and consumer acceptance in Ontario's competitive landscape. This performance contrasts with the brand's more erratic presence in Saskatchewan, highlighting the regional differences in consumer behavior and market dynamics. PIFF's ability to navigate these complexities and improve its standings in key markets like Alberta and Ontario speaks to strategic positioning and possibly targeted marketing efforts, although the brand's overall performance across all categories and states/provinces remains nuanced and deserving of a closer look to understand the full spectrum of its market presence.

Jan-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Pre-Roll category in Ontario, PIFF has shown a remarkable trajectory of improvement in its rank and sales over the recent months, moving from a position outside the top 20 in October 2023 to 18th by January 2024. This upward movement is significant when compared to its competitors, such as Divvy, which has seen a gradual decline from 15th to 20th place in the same period. Similarly, Tribal and BoxHot have maintained positions within the top 20 but have not matched PIFF's rapid ascent, with Tribal moving from 14th to 17th and BoxHot from 12th to 16th. OHJA has experienced fluctuations, briefly dropping out of the top 20 in November before recovering to 19th place by January. PIFF's significant rank improvement, coupled with a consistent increase in sales, suggests a growing consumer preference and market share within Ontario's Pre-Roll category, positioning it as a brand to watch amidst its competitors.

PIFF market ranking for ON Pre-Roll

Notable Products

In January 2024, PIFF's top-performing product was the Maui Wowie Pre-Roll 2-Pack (2g) from the Pre-Roll category, securing the top spot with sales figures reaching 49,848 units. Following closely was the Cali Kush Pre-Roll 2-Pack (2g), also from the Pre-Roll category, which moved to the second rank with notable sales but did not surpass the Maui Wowie. The Maui Wowie Pre-Roll 2-Pack (2g) showed a significant increase in its ranking, climbing from the second position in the previous months to the first in January 2024. This shift indicates a change in consumer preferences within PIFF's product range. The rankings change highlights the dynamic nature of product popularity and sales performance in the cannabis market.

Product Rank
Maui Wowie Pre-Roll 2-Pack (2g)
Cali Kush Pre-Roll 2-Pack (2g)
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