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Data Snapshot: Jan 30, 2024
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Purient Bedroom Cannabis, co-created by lifelong Mattapan resident Leah Samura, is a unique brand that infuses the spirit of music, culture, and self-expression into a cannabis topical designed for personal wellness. Recognized as the first cannabis-infused topical for intimate use in the nation, it is available for purchase at various retailers like Sira Naturals and Ayr Wellness. Despite limited information regarding potential side effects, this innovative brand also emphasizes precision in product use, providing measured syringes in its kit for accurate application.

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Purient Bedroom Cannabis Historical Sales by Category

In the Topical category, Massachusetts' Purient Bedroom Cannabis has shown consistent performance over the span of four months from June to September 2023. The brand maintained a rank of 12 in August, July, and September, showing stability in its market presence. However, it's worth noting that in June, the brand was at a slightly lower rank of 15. Although the brand wasn't able to break into the top 10, its steady position within the top 20 indicates a strong and consistent consumer base.

When it comes to sales, Purient Bedroom Cannabis experienced a notable increase from June to July 2023, with sales jumping from 3347 to 5457. This upward trend continued into August, with sales peaking at 5751. However, there was a slight dip in sales in September, down to 3692. While this represents a decrease, it's important to remember that fluctuations in sales are common in this industry. Despite this, Purient Bedroom Cannabis has proven to be a reliable player in the Massachusetts Topical cannabis market.

Sep-2023 Rank
Purient Bedroom Cannabis

Competitive Landscape

In the Topical category in Massachusetts, Purient Bedroom Cannabis has maintained a steady position in the market, ranking 12th in August, July, and September 2023, with a slight dip to 15th place in June. This contrasts with the fluctuating ranks of its competitors. For instance, INSA has shown a consistent improvement in rank, climbing from 16th in August to 11th in September. Topicas, however, has seen a decline, dropping from 9th in July to 13th in September. Freshly Baked has also experienced a slight drop, from 13th in July to 14th in September, while The Heirloom Collective has managed to maintain a top 10 position, despite a dip to 14th in June. The absence of a rank for a particular month indicates that the brand did not make it to the top 20 in that month. The sales trends of these brands also vary, with some showing a consistent increase, while others experience a decline or fluctuation.

Purient Bedroom Cannabis

Notable Products

In September 2023, the top-performing products from Purient Bedroom Cannabis were the Purient Personal Lubricant (300mg) and the CBD/THC 1:1 Personal Lubricant (300mg CBD, 300mg THC), both from the Topical category. The Purient Personal Lubricant (300mg) secured the top rank with impressive sales of 56 units, rising from the second position in the previous month. The CBD/THC 1:1 Personal Lubricant, despite experiencing a decrease in sales to 26 units, maintained its position in the top two. Interestingly, these two products have been consistently alternating between the first and second positions over the past few months. This indicates a close competition and high demand for both products among consumers.

Product Rank
Purient Personal Lubricant (300mg)
CBD/THC 1:1 Personal Lubricant (300mg CBD, 300mg THC)
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