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"Replay" is a performance-based CBD wellness brand distinguished for its innovative convergence of the digital and physical realms. The company revolutionizes the cannabis industry with its strain-specific, 3D interactive NFTs tied to physical products in dispensaries. Additionally, Replay offers a diverse range of fruit-flavored cannabis vapes, each designed to trigger specific effects, enhancing user experiences such as gaming.
Replay Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Replay, a well-established cannabis brand, has shown some interesting trends in the Ontario market, particularly in the Topical category. In July and August of 2023, Replay maintained a steady 8th rank in this category, demonstrating consistent performance. However, a slight decline was observed in the subsequent months, as the brand slipped to the 11th position in September and further to the 12th in October. This drop in rankings could be indicative of increased competition in the Topical category or a shift in consumer preferences.

When we look at the brand's sales data, we see a similar trend. Replay started strong in July with sales of around 16,204 units, which impressively increased to 24,179 units in August. However, a drastic fall was seen in September and October, with sales nosediving to 7,424 and 4,323 units respectively. This sharp decrease in sales aligns with the brand's drop in rankings and could be a point of concern for the brand. However, despite the recent setbacks, Replay remains a key player in the Ontario Topical cannabis market, and it will be interesting to see how the brand strategizes to regain its position in the coming months.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Topical category within Ontario, Replay has shown a downward trend in both rank and sales from July to October 2023. Despite starting strong in July, Replay's rank dropped from 8th to 12th place by October. This indicates a decrease in market position relative to competitors such as Apothecary Labs, Axea, Pura Earth, and Nuveev. While Apothecary Labs and Pura Earth also experienced a decrease in rank, Axea and Nuveev managed to maintain or improve their positions. In terms of sales, Replay's performance declined significantly over the period, suggesting that the brand may be losing market share to these competitors. This data highlights the competitive landscape Replay is operating in and the need for strategic actions to regain its market position.

Replay market ranking for ON Topical

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing products from Replay were the CBD Extra Strength Muscle Rub (500mg CBD, 50ml) and the CBD Foot and Ankle Cream (500mg CBD, 50ml) in the Topical category. The Muscle Rub maintained its top rank from previous months, with October sales reaching 102 units. The Foot and Ankle Cream also held its second position consistently, with 23 units sold in October. Although these products remained at their respective ranks, it's noteworthy that the sales of the Muscle Rub significantly dropped from 187 units in September to 102 units in October. Meanwhile, the Foot and Ankle Cream saw a slight increase in sales from 7 units in September to 23 units in October.

Product Rank
CBD Extra Strength Muscle Rub (500mg CBD, 50ml)
CBD Foot and Ankle Cream (500mg CBD, 50ml)
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