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Data Snapshot: Jan 30, 2024
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Revelry Cannabis (AZ) Historical Sales by Category

Revelry Cannabis (AZ) has shown a consistent upward trend in the Topical category in the state of Arizona. The brand has been gradually climbing the rankings, moving from the 12th position in August 2023 to the 9th position by November 2023. This improvement in ranking, especially in a competitive market, is a positive sign and reflects the brand's growing popularity amongst consumers. However, it's worth noting that the brand's sales in this category have seen some fluctuations over these months, which could be due to various factors such as market dynamics, consumer preferences, or promotional activities.

Interestingly, while Revelry Cannabis (AZ) has shown a positive trajectory in rankings, their sales figures have not followed a similar upward trend. For instance, in August 2023, the brand recorded sales of 882 units in the Topical category, which dropped to 509 units in September 2023, before bouncing back to 771 units in October 2023, and then slightly dropping again to 661 units in November 2023. This indicates that while the brand is becoming more popular and gaining a higher market position, it's not necessarily translating into a steady increase in sales. This could be an area that the brand might want to focus on improving in the future.

Nov-2023 Rank
Revelry Cannabis (AZ)

Competitive Landscape

In the Topical category in Arizona, Revelry Cannabis (AZ) has shown a consistent upward trend in rank from August to November 2023, moving from 12th to 9th place. This indicates a positive growth in market position, despite fluctuating sales. Its closest competitor, Sublime, has shown a similar upward trend until October, but dropped a rank in November. Interestingly, Uncle Herb's was not in the top 20 brands in September, but reappeared in October and November, indicating a volatile market presence. CBD Wellness and DermaFreeze have maintained a steady rank, with DermaFreeze consistently ranking higher and showing significantly higher sales, suggesting a strong market hold. This analysis points to a competitive market with opportunities for Revelry Cannabis (AZ) to further improve its position.

Revelry Cannabis (AZ) market ranking for AZ Topical

Revelry Cannabis (AZ)

Notable Products

In November 2023, Revelry Cannabis (AZ) saw Golden Oreoz Pre-Roll (1g) from the Pre-Roll category maintain its top position in product sales, a ranking it has consistently held since August 2023. The product sold 83 units in November, a slight decrease from the previous month's sales. The second top-performing product was CBD Intimacy Oil (300mg CBD) in the Topical category, which also retained its rank from the preceding months. Notably, this product saw a slight increase in sales, moving from 31 units in October to 35 units in November. Overall, the rankings of Revelry Cannabis (AZ)'s top-performing products remained stable throughout the period under review.

Product Rank
Golden Oreoz Pre-Roll (1g)
CBD Intimacy Oil (300mg CBD)
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