Rootworx is a tier two recreational producer/processor of cannabis, based in Mason County at the southwestern end of the Puget Sound. The brand is uniquely committed to compliance and education alongside production, seeing these matters as vital components to functioning within regulatory parameters. They offer a range of vegetarian cannabis products under various production aids, with featured strains like Bubblegum Kush.
Nov-2023 Sales
Product Count
December 5, 2023
Rootworx Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Capsules category, Rootworx has maintained a consistent presence in the Washington market. From August to November 2023, the brand consistently ranked within the top 10 brands in the state, although there was a slight dip from rank 8 in August and September to rank 9 in October and November. This is a noteworthy performance considering the competitive nature of the market. However, there was a concerning drop in sales in October, which though recovered partially in November, could indicate a potential challenge in maintaining their market position.

Despite the minor fluctuation in rankings and sales, Rootworx managed to remain a strong contender in the Capsules category in Washington. This resilience can be attributed to the brand's commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. However, the absence of the brand in the top 20 list for some months suggests there is room for improvement and growth. The brand's performance trend over these four months offers valuable insights into the market dynamics and the brand's potential trajectory. But, as always, a comprehensive understanding of the brand's performance would require a more in-depth analysis.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Capsules category within the Washington market, Rootworx has experienced a slight decline in rank from 8th in August to 9th in November 2023. This is indicative of a drop in sales over the same period, although they did see a recovery in November. Their closest competitors include Silica Phoenix (WA), who maintained a steady rank and saw an increase in sales, and Elegant Solutions, who also experienced a drop in rank and sales similar to Rootworx. Trail Blazin Productions and Rochester Farms both ranked higher than Rootworx, with Trail Blazin Productions seeing a slight drop in rank but maintaining high sales, while Rochester Farms saw a gradual increase in rank but lower sales. The lack of a rank for any brand in a given month indicates that they were not among the top 20 brands for that month.

Rootworx market ranking for WA Capsules

Notable Products

In November 2023, Rootworx's top-performing product was the Sativa Capsule 10-Pack (100mg) from the Capsules category, securing the first rank with sales of 165 units. This product maintained a consistent second rank in the previous three months before taking the lead. The Blue Dream Preroll (1g) from the Pre-Roll category, which had maintained the top spot from August to October, saw a drop in its ranking as it did not register any sales in November. The Tahoe OG (1g) from the Flower category, consistently ranking third, also experienced a dip in sales, leading to it not being ranked in November. These shifts indicate a significant change in consumer preference within Rootworx's product range.

Product Rank
Sativa Capsule 10-Pack (100mg)
Blue Dream Preroll (1g)
Tahoe OG (1g)
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