Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing is a pioneering brand in the world of cannabis products, producing the first water-soluble cannabis lubricant. Each 13ml bottle contains a precise blend of 100mg of THC and 33mg of CBD, offering up to 20 distinct experiences depending on users' intensity preferences. Spearheaded by Seattle-based dominatrix, Mistress Matisse, Velvet Swing stands out even among the select few brands venturing into cannabis-infused lubricants.
Strong Growth
Nov-2023 Sales
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Velvet Swing Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Topical category, Velvet Swing has maintained a consistent presence within the top 10 brands in Washington. In August and September of 2023, the brand held the 10th spot, moved up to 9th in October, and then returned to the 10th position in November. While this shows a stable performance, it also indicates a lack of significant upward movement in the rankings. However, it's worth noting that the brand was consistently within the top 20, demonstrating its resilience in a highly competitive market. The sales in this period show a trend with a slight increase, but the exact figures will be reserved for those with full access to the data.

It's important to highlight that Velvet Swing's steady ranking in the Topical category in Washington indicates a strong foothold in this market. The fact that the brand didn't drop out of the top 20 during these months suggests a loyal customer base and consistent demand for their products. However, the fluctuation in ranking also suggests there is room for improvement and growth. The sales trend, while not disclosed in detail, provides a positive outlook for the brand's performance. Future data and deeper analysis could provide more insights into the brand's potential and strategies for growth.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Topical category within the Washington market, Velvet Swing has maintained a steady position in the top 10 brands from August to November 2023, with a slight increase in rank in October. Its closest competitors, Discovery Garden and SnacMe, have shown less consistency, with Discovery Garden fluctuating between ranks 11 to 14 and SnacMe moving between ranks 13 to 16. Dank Czar has shown a significant drop in rank from 5 in September to 9 in November, indicating a potential decrease in sales. Interestingly, Mobius has seen a significant increase in rank from 15 in October to 8 in November, suggesting a substantial increase in sales. These changes in the competitive landscape may present both challenges and opportunities for Velvet Swing in maintaining or improving its market position.

Velvet Swing market ranking for WA Topical

Notable Products

In November 2023, the top-performing product from Velvet Swing was the 'CBD/THC 1:3 Enhanced Sensual Lubricant (33mg CBD, 100mg THC, 13ml, 0.44oz)', maintaining its first-place ranking from previous months. The product sold a total of 272 units in November. The 'Enhanced Sensual Lubricant 3-Pack (33mg CBD, 100mg THC)' ranked second, regaining its position from August and September 2023 after dropping out of the rankings in October. It's worth noting that while the 1:3 Enhanced Sensual Lubricant consistently outperformed other products, the 3-pack variant showed considerable volatility in its sales ranking. These two products, both from the Topical category, dominated the Velvet Swing sales for November 2023.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:3 Enhanced Sensual Lubricant (33mg CBD, 100mg THC, 13ml, 0.44oz)
Enhanced Sensual Lubricant 3-Pack (33mg CBD, 100mg THC)
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