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Data Snapshot: Apr 03, 2024
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In the competitive cannabis market of Ontario, the brand Well Made has shown a promising trajectory in the Flower category, gradually climbing the ranks from December 2023 to March 2024. Starting at the 30th position in December, Well Made made a noteworthy ascent to the 23rd spot by March 2024. This upward movement is significant, indicating not only a growing consumer preference but also an increase in sales, with March 2024 sales peaking at 635,774. Such a performance suggests that Well Made is effectively expanding its market presence and consumer base in Ontario, a crucial market for cannabis products. The consistent month-over-month sales increase, despite the highly competitive environment, highlights Well Made's potential for further growth and market penetration.

While the provided data focuses solely on Well Made's performance in the Flower category within Ontario, the absence of data from other states or provinces and categories leaves room for speculation about the brand's overall performance and strategy. The improvement in ranking within Ontario's Flower category, from not being in the top 30 brands to securing the 23rd position in just four months, reflects positively on Well Made's market strategies and product acceptance among consumers. However, without information on its performance across other categories or regions, it's challenging to gauge the full scope of Well Made's market impact. This selective insight into Well Made's performance in Ontario's Flower category underscores a positive trend, but also piques curiosity about its achievements or struggles in broader markets.

Mar-2024 Rank
Well Made

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the cannabis flower category in Ontario, Well Made has shown a notable upward trajectory in its rankings over the recent months, moving from 30th in December 2023 to 23rd in March 2024. This improvement in rank is indicative of a positive trend in sales and market reception, despite not breaking into the top 20. Competitors such as BLKMKT and Parcel have maintained positions closer to the top 20, with BLKMKT consistently ranking in the 20th to 21st range and Parcel experiencing a slight dip to 25th by March 2024. A standout competitor, Pepe, has made a significant leap from 89th in December 2023 to 22nd by March 2024, showcasing a remarkable increase in sales and market share. This rapid ascent of Pepe, surpassing Well Made in March, highlights the dynamic nature of the market and the importance of monitoring competitor movements closely. The data suggests that while Well Made is on an upward path, the brand faces stiff competition from both established and rapidly rising brands within the Ontario cannabis flower market.

Well Made market ranking for ON Flower

Well Made

Notable Products

In March 2024, Well Made's top-selling product was Mac Daddy Purpz (28g) from the Flower category, maintaining its number one rank since December 2023 with impressive sales of 4780 units. Following closely was Chemfire Kush (28g), also in the Flower category, securing the second position consistently across the same period. The sales figure for Chemfire Kush (28g) stood at 3086 units in March, indicating a stable demand. These top products have shown remarkable consistency in their rankings over the past four months, demonstrating a strong customer preference within the Flower category. The consistent rankings and notable sales figures highlight the dominant position of these products in Well Made's lineup.

Product Rank
Mac Daddy Purpz (28g)
Chemfire Kush (28g)
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