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Data Snapshot: Jun 11, 2024
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Well Made has exhibited notable performance fluctuations across different states and categories over the past few months. In Ontario, the brand has seen some significant shifts in the Flower category. Ranking at 27th in February 2024, Well Made improved to 23rd in March before dropping out of the top 30 in April, only to climb back to 26th in May. This volatility suggests a dynamic market presence with potential opportunities for growth and stability. Notably, the sales figures in Ontario reflect these ranking changes, highlighting an increase from February to March, followed by a dip in April and a recovery in May.

Well Made's performance in other states and categories also provides interesting insights. While the detailed rankings and sales data for these regions are not disclosed here, it's worth noting that the brand's presence in the top 30 fluctuates, indicating both strong competition and varying consumer preferences. The absence of Well Made in the top 30 for certain months and categories could be seen as a challenge, but also as an opportunity for strategic improvements and market re-entry. Understanding these movements and their underlying factors can offer valuable perspectives for stakeholders and enthusiasts looking to gauge the brand's trajectory and market positioning.

May-2024 Rank
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Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Flower category in Ontario, Well Made has experienced notable fluctuations in its ranking and sales over the past few months. Starting at rank 27 in February 2024, Well Made improved to rank 23 in March but then dropped significantly to rank 38 in April before rebounding to rank 26 in May. This volatility contrasts with the more consistent performance of competitors like Holy Mountain, which maintained a top 20 position from February to April before slipping to rank 24 in May. Similarly, Wagners showed a steady decline from rank 15 in February and March to rank 27 in May. Meanwhile, Parcel hovered around the mid-20s, peaking at rank 25 in May. Despite these fluctuations, Well Made's sales showed resilience, especially with a notable recovery in May, suggesting potential for regaining higher ranks if the trend continues. This dynamic environment underscores the importance of strategic adjustments for Well Made to stabilize and improve its market position.

Well Made market ranking for ON Flower

Well Made

Notable Products

In May-2024, the top-performing product for Well Made was Chemfire Kush (28g) in the Flower category, which ranked first with sales of 3126 units. This product had consistently held the second position from February to April before climbing to the top spot. Following closely, Mac Daddy Purpz (28g), also in the Flower category, ranked second with notable sales, having previously maintained the first position from February to April. The shift in rankings indicates a significant increase in demand for Chemfire Kush (28g) in May. Both products remain strong performers, showcasing Well Made's dominance in the Flower category.

Product Rank
Chemfire Kush (28g)
Mac Daddy Purpz (28g)
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