Zenith is a reputable cannabis brand that specializes in THC-infused products, particularly its standout offering - the Zenith Cold Brew Coffee, which synergizes roasted coffee beans with cannabis and 200 milligrams of caffeine for an energizing effect. Leveraging precision from its dispensing pumps, Zenith delivers a pulse free, precise cannabis experience, appealing to meticulous consumers in the ever-growing cannabis market. They have responsibly positioned themselves in the cannabis-infused drinks segment, setting a high bar with their zero-calorie blend and potentially responding to trends in the evolving CBD beverage market.
Oct-2023 Sales
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Zenith Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Beverage category, Zenith has shown a consistent presence in the top 20 brands in Massachusetts over the months of July to October 2023. However, there has been a slight downward trend in its ranking, moving from 15th place in July to 19th place in October. This indicates that while Zenith has managed to maintain its position among the top brands, it has been facing increased competition. The brand's sales also reflect this trend, with a noticeable decrease over the observed period.

Despite the downward trend, it's important to note that Zenith's consistent presence in the top 20 indicates a steady demand for its products in the Beverage category within the Massachusetts market. The brand's ability to maintain its ranking amidst increasing competition suggests a loyal customer base and a strong brand presence. However, the declining sales figures indicate a need for strategic adjustments to counter the rising competition and boost sales. The specific strategies and more detailed sales data, however, remain proprietary information and will not be disclosed in this analysis.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Massachusetts Beverage category, Zenith has been experiencing a downward trend from July to October 2023, moving from rank 15 to 19. This indicates a decline in sales, with Zenith being outperformed by some of its competitors. Notably, MXR has shown significant growth, jumping from not being in the top 20 in July to rank 18 in October. Drink Loud also made a notable entry into the top 20 in September and surpassed Zenith in October. Green Monke has maintained a stable position, but fell behind Zenith in October. Meanwhile, Bubby's Baked has remained relatively steady, but consistently ranks lower than Zenith. This competitive landscape suggests Zenith needs to revitalize its strategy to regain its earlier position.

Zenith market ranking for MA Beverage

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Zenith was "Cold Brew Coffee (5mg THC, 12oz)" from the Beverage category. This product maintained its rank as the number 1 best-seller for the fourth consecutive month. However, it's worth noting that there was a consistent decline in sales figures over these months, with October's sales being 1457 units, down from 1785 in September. The decline suggests a potential decrease in consumer interest or market saturation. This trend could be an area for Zenith to investigate further to maintain their leading position in the market.

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Cold Brew Coffee (5mg THC, 12oz)
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