Assuage, a marijuana brand under Cicatrix Labs Ltd, delivers a range of cannabis-infused products, notably highlighted by their CBD Suppositories and CBD cooling gel. Focused on health and wellness, the brand presents a unique approach to cannabis consumption through vaginal and rectal suppositories, aiming at assuaging the concerns of novice users while also accommodating consumers seeking relief from pain or discomfort. Its commitment to stringent compliance and substantial product catalog, from CBD body lotion to full spectrum CBG + CBD, offers targeted solutions for a diverse audience.
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Assuage Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Capsules category, Assuage has been consistently performing well in British Columbia, maintaining a ranking in the top 20 for the past three months. However, it's worth noting that the brand was not among the top 20 in July, which could be a point of concern. In Saskatchewan, Assuage also showed a notable presence in the Capsules category, although it dropped out of the top 20 in June. This indicates some fluctuation in the brand's performance in this state.

Assuage's performance in the Topical category in British Columbia shows a promising upward trend. The brand climbed from the 19th position in June to 14th in August, indicating a positive momentum. However, the lack of a ranking in May suggests that Assuage was not among the top 20 brands in this category during that month, which could imply a previous struggle in this market. Nonetheless, the recent rise in rankings is a good sign of improvement and potential growth in this category.

Aug-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Capsules category within BC, Assuage has shown a consistent performance, maintaining a steady rank in the top 20 brands, specifically at the 17th position in May, June, and August 2023. However, it's worth noting that the brand's rank was not listed for July 2023, indicating that it may not have been in the top 20 for that month. When compared to its competitors, Assuage's performance has been relatively stable. For instance, Nutra showed a fluctuating trend, moving from the 18th position in June to 16th in July, and then to 15th in August. Daily Special maintained a consistent 16th rank throughout the period, while San Rafael '71 experienced a significant drop from 13th in June to not being in the top 20 in August. Tweed also did not make it to the top 20 in May, June, or July, but managed to secure the 18th position in August. These fluctuations among competitors could present opportunities for Assuage to improve its ranking in the future.

Notable Products

In August 2023, Assuage's top-performing product was the THC Suppositories 8-Pack (80mg), from the Capsules category, maintaining its top position from July and May with sales reaching 25 units. The second best-selling product was the CBD/THC 3:1 Suppositories 8-Pack (240mg CBD, 80mg THC), also from the Capsules category, which climbed up from the 1st rank in June and May. The third on the list was the CBD Cooling Gel (500mg CBD) from the Topical category, which slipped down from the 2nd rank in July and June. It is worth noting that the THC Suppositories 8-Pack (80mg) saw a significant increase in sales from 12 units in July to 25 units in August. These shifts in rankings indicate a growing preference for capsule products in the Assuage range.

Product Rank
THC Suppositories 8-Pack (80mg)
CBD/THC 3:1 Suppositories 8-Pack (240mg CBD, 80mg THC)
CBD Cooling Gel (500mg CBD)
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