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Indiva - US

Indiva - US is a subsidiary of the global cannabis company, Canopy Growth Corporation, distinguishing itself as a leading producer in the cannabis edibles market, specifically with its THC lozenge product line. Despite recent financial setbacks due to the loss of sales from its Life Lozenges brand, the company continues to uphold stringent safety, efficacy and security standards in line with FDA regulations, setting industry benchmarks with its Indiva, Pearls, and Bhang brands. Emphasizing sustained innovation and quality, Indiva reflects the growing sophistication and diversification of the consumer cannabis market.
Indiva - US Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Capsules category, Indiva - US has maintained a consistent presence in British Columbia. The brand's ranking fluctuated slightly over the months of July to October 2023, ranging from 13th to 14th and finally improving to 12th. This indicates a stable performance in this market, with room for improvement. However, specific sales figures reveal a concerning drop in September, although the brand managed to recover somewhat in October.

Contrastingly, in Ontario, Indiva - US only made it to the top 20 brands in August 2023, starting at 25th place and managing to improve its position slightly in the following months. The absence of a ranking in July suggests that the brand was not among the top performers in this category during that month. The situation in Saskatchewan is similar, with the brand only appearing in the top 20 in September. These instances suggest potential areas for growth and expansion for Indiva - US in these provinces.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Capsules category within British Columbia, Indiva - US has been maintaining a steady position in the top 20 brands, although there has been a slight fluctuation in its rank over the months. It was ranked 13th in July and August 2023, slipped to 14th in September, and then improved to 12th in October. In comparison, Solei has consistently held a higher rank, staying at the 10th position from July to October. LoFi Cannabis has been closely competing with Indiva - US, with ranks varying between 13th and 14th. Nutra has been trailing behind, with ranks between 14th and 16th. Interestingly, Kinloch Wellness saw a significant drop from 8th to 11th rank between September and October. In terms of sales, Indiva - US experienced a dip in September but saw a recovery in October, a trend that was also observed with Kinloch Wellness. Solei, on the other hand, saw a significant drop in sales in October.

Indiva - US market ranking for BC Capsules

Notable Products

In October 2023, Indiva - US saw the 'Sativa Capsule 15-Pack (105mg)' maintain its top spot in sales, a position it has held since July 2023. This product sold 432 units in October, a notable increase from the previous month's sales of 369 units. The 'Indica Capsule 15-Pack (105mg)' remained in the second spot, as it has since August 2023. Both products fall under the 'Capsules' category, indicating a strong market preference for this type of product from Indiva - US. Despite fluctuations in sales figures, the rankings of these two products have remained consistent over the past four months.

Product Rank
Sativa Capsule 15-Pack (105mg)
Indica Capsule 15-Pack (105mg)
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