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Basecamp Cannabis Company is a California-based cannabinoid brand known for its variety of THC and non-THC products, ranging from CBD-forward iced tea to shareable flower sourced from farmers across California. The company, which also expands its market to Canada, is recognized for its adult-use medicinal items that cater to heavy users. While maintaining a modern approach, Basecamp emphasizes local sourcing through its connections to farm-to-table edibles and pet products.

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Basecamp, a prominent cannabis brand, has been showing a steady performance in the Beverage category in Saskatchewan. The brand has consistently ranked within the top 20 brands over the span of four months from August to November 2023. Although there was no significant change in its ranking position, hovering around the 18th and 19th spots, it's worth noting that they have maintained their presence in the competitive market. This consistency in ranking indicates a stable demand for Basecamp's cannabis-infused beverages in this province.

Looking at the sales trend, there has been a slight increase in Basecamp's sales from August to November 2023. While the sales dipped in September, the brand managed to recover and even surpass its initial sales figure by November. This upward trend in sales, despite the minor setback in September, suggests that Basecamp is successfully managing to retain its customer base and potentially even attract new customers in Saskatchewan's cannabis market. However, it's important to keep in mind that these are just a few pieces of the puzzle and a more comprehensive analysis would provide a clearer picture of Basecamp's overall performance.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Beverage category in Saskatchewan, Ace Valley has shown a consistent improvement in rank from August to October 2023, but slipped back to 19th in November. Meanwhile, CANN Social Tonics has steadily climbed the ranks, breaking into the top 20 in October and reaching 17th place in November. Basecamp has remained steady, hovering around the 18th-19th rank over the four months. Notably, Kaleida made a significant entrance in November, debuting at 16th place, indicating a strong start. Thunder & Lightning, despite missing data for August, has shown a consistent presence in the top 20 since September. The fluctuating ranks of these brands indicate a highly competitive market, with Basecamp needing to strategize effectively to improve its position.

Basecamp market ranking for SK Beverage


Notable Products

In November 2023, the top-performing product from Basecamp was the CBD Ice Tea Beverage (15mg CBD, 355ml), which belongs to the Beverage category. This product held the first position in sales for four consecutive months from August to November. Notably, the CBD Ice Tea Beverage (15mg CBD, 355ml) saw a significant increase in sales in November, reaching a figure of 257 units sold. This indicates a growing consumer preference for this product. The consistency in its top ranking underscores its popularity among Basecamp's offerings.

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CBD Ice Tea Beverage (15mg CBD, 355ml)
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