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February 7, 2024
Thunder & Lightning Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive cannabis beverage sector, Thunder & Lightning has shown a varied performance across different states and provinces, reflecting the brand's fluctuating market presence. In California, the brand's ranking slipped from 39th in December 2023 to 45th in January 2024, indicating a potential challenge in maintaining its market share amidst stiff competition, despite a notable increase in sales from October to December. Conversely, in Illinois, Thunder & Lightning maintained a strong position within the top 20, fluctuating slightly but showing resilience by staying in the 10th to 11th rank range, even as sales saw a significant drop from November to December 2023. This resilience in rankings amidst sales volatility highlights the brand's solid foothold in the Illinois market.

Looking at Thunder & Lightning's performance in Canada, the brand's rankings in Ontario showed a slight improvement moving from 37th in October 2023 to 33rd in November, before slipping back down to 40th by January 2024. This pattern suggests a struggle to consistently capture a larger market share, even as sales figures in December indicated a decline. Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, the brand's ranking experienced less volatility, staying within the 19th to 25th range over the four months, which might indicate a more stable, albeit modest, presence in this market. The sales in Saskatchewan, similar to other regions, showed a decline from December 2023 to January 2024, a trend that Thunder & Lightning will need to address to bolster its market position across the board.

Jan-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Beverage category in Ontario, Thunder & Lightning has experienced fluctuations in its market position, indicating a dynamic and competitive environment. From October 2023 to January 2024, Thunder & Lightning's rank slightly improved, moving from 37th to 40th, despite a decrease in sales over the same period. This performance places it in a challenging position relative to its competitors. Notably, Impromptu has maintained a stronger position, ranking higher than Thunder & Lightning throughout the observed period and showing a more stable sales trend. Meanwhile, D'Gree, despite a significant drop in rank from 22nd to 41st, started with much higher sales figures, indicating a potentially volatile market share. Kiss and Nuveev also show interesting dynamics, with Kiss overtaking Thunder & Lightning in January 2024, moving up to 39th place. These movements highlight the competitive pressures and the importance of strategic positioning and marketing efforts for Thunder & Lightning in the Ontario beverage market.

Thunder & Lightning market ranking for ON Beverage

Notable Products

In January 2024, the top-performing product for Thunder & Lightning was the CBD/THC 1:2 Thunder Pop Lime Mate Energy Drink (10mg CBD, 20mg THC) within the Beverage category, maintaining its number one rank from the previous months. This product saw a sales figure of 728 units, indicating a consistent consumer preference despite a downward trend in sales numbers from October 2023. The consistent ranking as the top product across several months highlights its strong market presence and consumer loyalty. However, the decrease in sales from 2457 units in October 2023 to 728 in January 2024 suggests a significant drop in demand or changes in buying patterns. This shift might prompt Thunder & Lightning to investigate the causes behind the declining sales and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:2 Thunder Pop Lime Mate Energy Drink (10mg CBD, 20mg THC)
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