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BC Hemp Co.

BC Hemp Co., spearheaded by industry veteran CEO Jeremy Dybdahl, leverages over 50 years of combined commercial agriculture and cannabis cultivation experience to produce high-quality, full-spectrum hemp extracts and science-backed wellness products. Operating from Michigan, the company prides itself on developing organic hemp-derived products aimed at enhancing calm, regulating sleep cycles, and other wellness benefits. Selling through channels like the One Love Hemp shop and Green Stem Provisioning, BC Hemp Co. firmly situates itself at the forefront of the rapidly-evolving hemp sector post the landmark 2018 Farm Bill.
BC Hemp Co. Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

BC Hemp Co. has shown a consistent performance in the Capsules category within the Michigan market. The brand managed to improve its ranking from 8th in July 2023 to 6th in September 2023, maintaining this position into October. This upward movement in rankings indicates a positive trend for BC Hemp Co., suggesting that their market share in the Capsules category within Michigan is expanding. The lack of a ranking drop in the following month of October is a sign of stability and consistent demand for their products in this category.

From a sales perspective, BC Hemp Co. experienced a significant spike in sales in September 2023, with sales figures nearly tripling compared to the previous month. However, it's worth noting that sales dipped slightly in October 2023, though they remained significantly higher than the July and August figures. While specific sales numbers aren't provided, this trend suggests a strong customer response to BC Hemp Co.'s capsule products in the Michigan market. The slight dip in October may be an area of interest for further analysis.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the Capsules category in Michigan, BC Hemp Co. has demonstrated a steady improvement in its ranking from July to September 2023, moving from 8th to 6th place. However, it maintained its 6th place position in October. This is a positive trend, especially when compared to competitors such as Mary's Medicinals and Monster Xtracts, who have seen fluctuating ranks over the same period. Interestingly, Tree House CBD has shown a similar upward trend as BC Hemp Co., moving from 12th to 8th place. However, both brands still trail behind Neno's Naturals, which consistently held a top 4 position. While specific sales figures are not provided, it can be inferred that BC Hemp Co.'s sales have increased given the improvement in rank, indicating a growing consumer preference for their products.

BC Hemp Co. market ranking for MI Capsules

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from BC Hemp Co. was the Full Spectrum Capsules 60-Pack (1500mg) in the Capsules category. This product consistently held the first rank in sales from July to October. Notably, sales figures for this product peaked in September with 40 units sold, before slightly decreasing to 26 units sold in October. The product's sustained top ranking indicates its steady popularity among consumers. Compared to previous months, the ranking of this product did not change, demonstrating its consistent performance in the market.

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Full Spectrum Capsules 60-Pack (1500mg)
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