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Echo Electuary

Echo Electuary is an Oregon-based marijuana brand known for its comprehensive lineup carried by over 50 dispensaries throughout the state. Echo stands apart due to its unique commitment to environmental sustainability, annually donating 3% of company proceeds to bee conservation efforts. From Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid products, Echo Electuary features concentrated cannabis content in their products with offerings like the Huckleberry Web 2:1 CBD Live Nectar Cart that highlight its innovative approach to marijuana products.
Echo Electuary Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Concentrates category, Echo Electuary maintained a stable performance in Oregon from July to September 2023, consistently ranking 5th. However, there was a slight drop in October as it moved to the 6th position. This could be seen as a minor setback, given the brand's previously steady standing. On a positive note, despite the drop in ranking, Echo Electuary managed to stay within the top 10 brands in the state for this category. It's worth noting that sales showed a gradual decline over these months, indicating a possible correlation with the brand's ranking.

When it comes to the Vapor Pens category, Echo Electuary experienced more fluctuation in its ranking within Oregon. The brand started off at the 12th position in July, dropped to 17th in August, improved to 14th in September, but then fell again to 19th in October. This inconsistency in ranking, especially the drop to 19th position in October, is a point of concern as it indicates a struggle to maintain a strong presence in the top 20 brands for this category. Interestingly, despite the drop in ranking, the brand saw a significant increase in sales in September, suggesting that other factors may have influenced the brand's performance.

Oct-2023 Rank
Vapor Pens

Competitive Landscape

In the Oregon Concentrates category, Echo Electuary has been facing stiff competition from brands like NW Kind, Dr. Jolly's, Buddies, and Disco Dabs. Echo Electuary maintained a steady rank of 5th from July to September 2023, but dropped to 6th in October 2023. This indicates a slight decrease in market dominance compared to its competitors. Notably, NW Kind and Buddies have shown an upward trend, improving their ranks over the same period. Dr. Jolly's, although ranking higher than Echo Electuary, has shown a slight decrease in rank, while Disco Dabs, ranking just below Echo Electuary, also saw a drop in rank. This suggests a dynamic and competitive market, with Echo Electuary needing to strategize effectively to regain its position.

Echo Electuary market ranking for OR Concentrates

Notable Products

In October 2023, Echo Electuary's top-performing product was the Strawberry Buntz Live Nectar Cartridge (1g) in the Vapor Pens category, with a notable 544 units sold. Following closely in second place was the Lemon Tree Live Nectar Cartridge (1g), also in the Vapor Pens category. The third, fourth, and fifth positions were held by the Guava Runtz, Smuckers, and Lift Ticket Live Nectar Cartridges respectively. It's important to note that these rankings were not present in the previous months, indicating a surge in popularity for these products in October. The exact sales figures for the remaining products are undisclosed, but their rankings suggest strong performance.

Product Rank
Strawberry Buntz Live Nectar Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Lemon Tree Live Nectar Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Guava Runtz Live Nectar Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Smuckers Live Nectar Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Lift Ticket Live Nectar Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
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