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Oct-2023 Sales
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Farmer's Friend Extracts

Farmer's Friend Extracts, established in 2015, is a distinguished Oregon-based brand in the cannabis industry, renowned for their full-spectrum cannabis oil made using CO2 extraction method. The company boasts a diverse catalogue featuring major and minor cannabinoids, including high-quality Refined Cannabis Oil (RCO) and Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO2). Their niche expertise in combining people, therapeutics, and technology has allowed them to grow rapidly in the highly competitive Oregon cannabis market, focusing on offering small-batch craft cannabis extracts at affordable prices.
Farmer's Friend Extracts Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Looking at the performance of Farmer's Friend Extracts in the Oregon market, there are some notable trends across different categories. In the Concentrates category, the brand has experienced a slight decline in rankings, moving from the 11th position in July to the 22nd in October. This indicates a possible decrease in their market share for this category. On the other hand, the brand has maintained a strong position in the Tincture & Sublingual category, ranking within the top 6 consistently. However, there's a slight decline here as well, moving from 2nd place in July to 6th place in October.

In the Topical category, Farmer's Friend Extracts has held a steady position at 18th place from August to October. While this isn't a top spot, the consistency suggests a stable customer base in this category. The Vapor Pens category presents a more positive picture, with the brand maintaining its place within the top 10 brands over the four-month period. Interestingly, despite a small dip in September, the brand climbed back up to the 9th position in October. This could signal an increasing popularity of their Vapor Pens among consumers. It's worth noting that while the brand's rankings have varied across categories, they have consistently stayed within the top 20, indicating a strong overall presence in the Oregon market.

Oct-2023 Rank
Tincture & Sublingual
Vapor Pens

Competitive Landscape

In the Vapor Pens category in Oregon, Farmer's Friend Extracts has been experiencing a steady increase in rank, moving from 10th place in July 2023 to 9th place in October 2023. This suggests a positive trend in market position compared to competitors such as Oregrown and Verdant Leaf Farms, which have seen a decline in rank over the same period. In contrast, Rogue Gold and Sauce Essentials have maintained a higher rank, indicating stronger sales. However, it's worth noting that Farmer's Friend Extracts' sales have been consistently growing, suggesting a potential for further rank improvement in the future.

Farmer's Friend Extracts market ranking for OR Vapor Pens

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Farmer's Friend Extracts was the Afpak CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g) from the Vapor Pens category, boasting a sales figure of 1626 units. Following closely behind in second place was the Pure Michigan CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g), also from the Vapor Pens category. The third-ranked product was the SPK Full Spec CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g), continuing the trend of Vapor Pens dominating the top spots. Interestingly, the French 75 Full Spectrum CO2 Cartridge (1g), which was in fifth place in September, managed to climb to the fourth position in October. Rounding out the top five was the CBG MAC 1 CO2 Cartridge (1g), another Vapor Pens product.

Product Rank
Afpak CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Pure Michigan CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
SPK Full Spec CO2 Glass Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
French 75 Full Spectrum CO2 Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
CBG MAC 1 CO2 Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
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