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Heartland Industries (CO)

Heartland Industries, located in Colorado, is one of the world's largest Cannabis cultivation centers specializing in wholesale cannabis flowers and edibles. Not only a prominent player in the cannabis industry, Heartland also ventures into material sciences, engineering natural fibers as additives to plastic with proprietary technologies. Altogether, Heartland prioritizes strict production standards and is known for providing innovative, high-quality cannabis products to dispensaries across the state.
Heartland Industries (CO) Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Heartland Industries (CO) has shown a mixed performance across different categories in the state of Colorado. Their Concentrates category has seen some fluctuation in rankings, starting at 54 in July 2023, improving to 35 in August, but then slipping back to 47 by October. This suggests a level of volatility in this category. The Edible category has consistently remained outside the top 50, hovering around the mid-60s rank. This indicates that there might be room for improvement in this category.

On a brighter note, the brand's Flower category has consistently ranked within the top 10 in the state of Colorado from July to September 2023. However, there was a significant drop to the 18th rank in October, which could be a point of concern. The Pre-Roll category had no ranking in July, indicating it didn't make the top 20, but has since shown improvement, climbing to the 83rd rank by October. This could suggest a growing interest in this category. However, the overall performance indicates a need for strategic adjustments to improve rankings across categories.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Flower category within Colorado, Heartland Industries (CO) has been a consistent player, maintaining the 6th rank from July to September 2023. However, in October 2023, it experienced a significant drop to the 18th position. This trend is mirrored in its sales, which, while steady from July to September, saw a substantial decrease in October. Among its competitors, 710 Labs and In The Flow have shown similar fluctuations in rank, with 710 Labs dropping from 10th to 17th place and In The Flow falling from 12th to 19th position from July to October. Interestingly, Host has been steadily climbing the ranks, moving from 36th to 20th place over the same period, despite starting from a lower position. Meanwhile, Hummingbird has maintained a steady 16th rank throughout this period. These shifts in rank and sales among Heartland Industries (CO) and its competitors indicate a dynamic and competitive market in the Flower category in Colorado.

Heartland Industries (CO) market ranking for CO Flower

Notable Products

In October 2023, Heartland Industries (CO) saw Pineapple Trainwreck (Bulk) under the Flower category as their top-performing product with sales reaching 53,404 units. This was followed by House Blend (Bulk), also in the Flower category, which ranked second. Purple Sunset (Bulk) and Ice Cream Cake (Bulk), both in the same category, took the third and fourth spots respectively. Kandy Kush (1g), another Flower category product, rounded out the top five. It's important to note that these rankings show a significant shift from the previous months, indicating a possible change in consumer preferences.

Product Rank
Pineapple Trainwreck (Bulk)
House Blend (Bulk)
Purple Sunset (Bulk)
Ice Cream Cake (Bulk)
Kandy Kush (1g)
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