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Lavinia is a pioneering sexual wellness brand incorporating the soothing properties of CBD and the stimulating power of THC into a sexually enhancing lubricant. Conceived by founder Katie Enright, this revolutionary brand uses unique visual storytelling to break the stigma around combining cannabis and sexual pleasure. With its mission being to enhance the sexual experiences of individuals over 21 years of age, Lavinia has made significant strides in uncharted territories of the cannabis industry.
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Lavinia Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Looking at the performance of the cannabis brand Lavinia, particularly in the Topical category, there are some interesting trends to note. In California, Lavinia has shown significant fluctuations in its ranking over the past few months. In May 2023, it held the 22nd position, which improved to 17th in June, dropped back to 25th in July, and then improved again to 18th in August. Despite these movements, Lavinia has consistently remained in the top 25 brands, which is quite noteworthy considering the competitive nature of the market.

From a sales perspective, we see a similar trend of volatility. In May 2023, sales were reported at 2631.0, which more than doubled in June to 5704.0. However, a sharp decline was observed in July, with sales dropping to 1538.0. The brand managed to recover somewhat in August, with sales increasing to 5209.0. This kind of fluctuation suggests that while Lavinia has a strong presence in the Topical category in California, there may be factors influencing its month-to-month performance that are worth further exploration.

Aug-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Topical category within the CA state, Lavinia has seen a fluctuating performance over the past few months. While it was not in the top 20 brands in July 2023, it managed to climb back to the 18th position in August 2023. This is a significant improvement, but it still lags behind some of its competitors. For instance, Cosmic View consistently outperforms Lavinia, maintaining a higher rank and showing a long-term upward trend. Similarly, Dr. Raw Organics also ranks higher, although it has seen some slight fluctuations in its rank. On the other hand, Lavinia outperforms Kind Medicine and Wild Bill's, both of which have lower ranks and show a downward trend in sales. Overall, while Lavinia has shown resilience in bouncing back, it faces stiff competition in the Topical category in the CA state.

Notable Products

In August 2023, the top-performing products from Lavinia were the CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant (6.9mg CBD, 13.6mg THC, 2ml) and the Oh.Hi Lubricant (115.81mg THC, 15ml), both in the Topical category. The CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant maintained its top position from July, with a significant increase in sales to 201 units. The Oh.Hi Lubricant (115.81mg THC, 15ml) remained in the second position, with sales of 73 units. Notably, the rankings for these two products have been consistent over the past four months, except in June 2023 when the Oh.Hi Lubricant briefly took the lead. This suggests a strong and steady demand for these products.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant (6.9mg CBD, 13.6mg THC, 2ml)
Oh.Hi Lubricant (115.81mg THC, 15ml)
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