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Lavinia is a pioneering sexual wellness brand incorporating the soothing properties of CBD and the stimulating power of THC into a sexually enhancing lubricant. Conceived by founder Katie Enright, this revolutionary brand uses unique visual storytelling to break the stigma around combining cannabis and sexual pleasure. With its mission being to enhance the sexual experiences of individuals over 21 years of age, Lavinia has made significant strides in uncharted territories of the cannabis industry.

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In the ever-evolving cannabis market, Lavinia has shown a consistent performance within the Topical category in California. Maintaining a position in the low twenties from November 2023 through February 2024, Lavinia's ranking hovered around 21st to 22nd place. This stability is notable in a competitive landscape, although it suggests room for growth and improvement to break into higher rankings. Despite a dip in sales in December 2023, Lavinia managed a rebound in the following months, with February 2024 sales showing a significant recovery to $2,421, indicating a resilient demand for their topical products among Californian consumers.

However, the lack of presence in other states or categories suggests that Lavinia's market penetration is currently limited to topicals within the California market. This focus has allowed them to maintain a steady ranking but also highlights a potential area for expansion. The absence from top 30 rankings in other states or categories could be viewed as a missed opportunity for broader brand recognition and revenue streams. As the cannabis market continues to grow and diversify, exploring additional categories or geographic areas could be beneficial for Lavinia to capture a larger share of the market and enhance their brand visibility.

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Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the topical cannabis category in California, Lavinia has shown a consistent yet fluctuating presence in the rankings over the recent months. Starting at 21st position in November 2023, it experienced a slight dip to 22nd in December before stabilizing back at 22nd in January and February 2024. This indicates a resilience in maintaining its market position despite facing stiff competition from brands like Kind Medicine, which has consistently ranked higher and shown significant sales growth. On the other hand, Mother Humboldt's has seen more volatility in rankings but outperformed Lavinia in sales, especially in February 2024. Meanwhile, Dr. Raw Organics and Jade Nectar have fluctuated outside the top 20, indicating less direct competition with Lavinia. The data suggests that while Lavinia maintains a stable position within its category, there is potential for growth and improvement in sales and rankings, especially in comparison to its higher-performing competitors.

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Notable Products

In February 2024, Lavinia saw two of its products sharing the top spot in sales within their category. The CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant and the Oh.Hi Lubricant, both topicals, each sold 86 units, marking a significant increase for the CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant from its January sales. Notably, the CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant has maintained its number one rank from November 2023 through February 2024, showcasing consistent consumer preference. On the other hand, the Oh.Hi Lubricant, which shared the top rank in November, saw a slight dip in rank in December and January before reclaiming its top position alongside the CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant in February. This performance indicates a strong start to the year for Lavinia, with these topicals leading the way in their sales achievements.

Product Rank
CBD/THC 1:2 Oh.Hi Lubricant (6.9mg CBD, 13.6mg THC, 2ml)
Oh.Hi Lubricant (115.81mg THC, 15ml)
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