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Operating within both the adult-use and medical cannabis markets, Pennies offers uniquely packaged 10mg THC Softgels as an affordable, controlled, and convenient alternative to traditional smoking and vaporizing methods. With its Canadian roots in HEXO, a leading consumer-packaged goods cannabis company, Pennies is poised in the market with its innovation in consumption approaches. The brand balances its cannabis offerings by aligning with regulatory compliance, providing an accessible and safer avenue for cannabis use.
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In the capsules category, Pennies has shown a varied performance across different states/provinces, reflecting its dynamic position in the market. In Alberta, the brand experienced a slight decline, moving from 9th in December 2023 to 11th in March 2024, indicating a need to reassess its strategy in this region. Conversely, in British Columbia, Pennies maintained a stable presence, securing the 8th rank in February and March 2024, which suggests a consistent consumer base. Notably, in Ontario, the brand held the 12th position steadily from December 2023 through March 2024, indicating a stable but not leading position within this competitive market. However, the situation in Saskatchewan raises concerns, with a significant drop from 5th in January to 12th in March 2024, accompanied by a drastic decrease in sales, from 6931.0 in January to just 309.0 in March, highlighting a critical area for improvement.

These movements across states/provinces suggest that while Pennies has established a foothold in certain areas, there are clear opportunities and challenges to address. The brand's performance in British Columbia shows promise, with a stable ranking that could potentially be built upon. However, the sharp decline in Saskatchewan is particularly noteworthy, suggesting that external factors or operational challenges may be impacting Pennies' performance severely in this region. The consistency in Ontario, despite not being in the top 10, indicates a potential base of loyal customers, which could be leveraged with targeted marketing efforts or new product introductions to improve rankings. Overall, Pennies' performance illustrates the importance of adapting strategies to meet the unique demands and competitive landscapes of each state/province, with a particular emphasis on addressing the areas where significant drops in rankings and sales have been observed.

Mar-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the capsule category in Alberta, Pennies has experienced fluctuations in its ranking over the recent months, indicating a dynamic market presence. Starting from a rank of 9 in December 2023, Pennies climbed to 8 in January 2024, before slightly dropping to 9 in February and then to 11 in March 2024. This trend suggests a competitive challenge for Pennies, especially when compared to its competitors like Redecan, which consistently held higher ranks from December to March, albeit with a slight decline from rank 5 to 9. Similarly, Daily Special showed resilience by maintaining a position around the 10th rank, indicating a stable market presence. On the other hand, brands such as Solei and Mood Ring have seen more significant rank fluctuations, with Solei dropping from 10th to 13th and Mood Ring experiencing a drop to 12th in March 2024. These shifts highlight the competitive dynamics Pennies faces, with its slight decline in rank possibly reflecting the intense competition and consumer preferences within the Alberta capsule market.

Pennies market ranking for AB Capsules


Notable Products

In March 2024, Pennies saw its THC Softgels 5-Pack (50mg) from the Capsules category maintain its position as the top-selling product, with sales reaching 8,158 units. This product has consistently held the number one rank since December 2023, despite a noticeable decline in sales over the months. No other products were mentioned for comparison, indicating a focused analysis on this leading item. The consistent top ranking of the THC Softgels 5-Pack (50mg) highlights its popularity and customer preference within the Pennies lineup. The sales trajectory suggests a strong start to the year, albeit with a gradual decrease in monthly sales figures.

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THC Softgels 5-Pack (50mg)
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