Pure Laine

Pure Laine, a subsidiary of Heritage Cannabis West Corporation, is a noteworthy contender in the marijuana market, offering a range of products with a potency exceeding 20% as per guidelines from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Hailing from Quebec and part of the ROSE LifeScience network, this brand is distinct for its focus on more than sheer potency—it emphasizes the value of sensory aspects such as touch, smell, and sensation, resonating with a discerning customer base. Further distinguishing Pure Laine is its wide distribution and its parent company's significant footprints in North American cannabis network, thus marking it as a brand committed to delivering high-quality cannabis with an immersive consumer experience.
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Nov-2023 Sales
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Pure Laine Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Flower category, Pure Laine has shown some notable movements across different states. In Alberta, the brand was not ranked in the top 20 in August and September 2023. However, it made a significant leap to the 31st position in October and further improved to the 23rd position in November. This upward trend signifies a positive shift in the brand's performance in this province, although the absence in the top 20 for two consecutive months is a point of concern. The sales figures for October and November also reflect this progress, with a notable increase from October to November.

On the other hand, in Ontario, Pure Laine has consistently been in the top 25 brands for the Flower category from August to November 2023. The brand experienced a slight decline in ranking from 15th in August to 24th in September. However, it bounced back to the 16th position in October and further improved to 14th in November. These fluctuations indicate a dynamic market in Ontario, but the consistent presence in the top 25 suggests a strong foothold for Pure Laine in this province. The brand's sales in Ontario have also remained quite steady, with minor variations over these months.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Flower category within Ontario, Pure Laine has shown a notable fluctuation in its ranking over the observed period. In August 2023, it held the 15th position but dropped significantly to 24th in September, indicating it was not among the top 20 brands that month. However, it recovered slightly to 16th in October and further improved to 14th in November. In comparison, Hiway and Highly Dutch have shown a more stable performance, with Hiway maintaining a ranking within the top 20 and Highly Dutch consistently ranking higher than Pure Laine. Tribal and Versus have also consistently outperformed Pure Laine, with Versus showing a steady upward trend. Despite the fluctuations, Pure Laine's sales seem to be on a general upward trend, suggesting a potential for growth and increased market share.

Pure Laine market ranking for ON Flower

Notable Products

In November 2023, Pure Laine's top-performing product was 'Big Pleasures (28g)', which maintained its top position from previous months, with sales peaking at 12,691 units. Following closely was 'The Mill (14g)', retaining its second position, though sales slightly decreased to 507 units. 'The Mill Milled (14g)' held the third position consistently, with a slight increase in sales to 373 units. These rankings remained unchanged from August 2023, demonstrating the consistent popularity of these products. Overall, Pure Laine's Flower category products continue to dominate the market.

Product Rank
Big Pleasures (28g)
The Mill (14g)
The Mill Milled (14g)
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