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February 6, 2024
Snoozy Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive edible category within New York, Snoozy has shown a notable performance trajectory over the recent months. Starting in October 2023 ranked 12th with sales of $46,112, the brand experienced a slight dip in November, falling to the 18th position. This drop could be perceived negatively, however, Snoozy made a remarkable recovery in December, jumping to the 10th rank, a clear indication of a successful strategy or perhaps a popular product release, with sales almost doubling to $91,820. The brand managed to maintain a strong presence by staying within the top 12 in January 2024, although not improving its position, it indicates a level of consistency in a highly competitive market.

Such movements in rankings and sales within a single state's market like New York are indicative of the dynamic nature of consumer preferences and the competitive landscape in the cannabis industry. The initial drop from the top 20 in November could have been a critical moment for Snoozy, yet the significant sales increase in December showcases a powerful rebound, possibly driven by strategic marketing efforts, product launches, or seasonal variations in consumer behavior. While maintaining a position in the top 20, especially in a market as saturated as edibles in New York, is commendable, the fluctuation in rankings also highlights areas for potential growth and the need for Snoozy to solidify its market presence. The detailed sales figures and rankings provide a glimpse into the brand's performance, but also leave room for speculation on the strategies employed to navigate the competitive landscape.

Jan-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the edible category in New York, Snoozy has experienced a fluctuating performance in terms of rank and sales over the recent months. Starting from October 2023, Snoozy was ranked 12th, saw a dip to 18th in November, but then surged to 10th in December, before settling at 12th in January 2024. This rollercoaster performance indicates a volatile market position, contrasting with competitors like Cannabals, which showed significant improvement, moving from 16th to 10th, and Kushy Punch and Hysteria, both of which maintained a more stable presence in the top ranks. Notably, Eaton Botanicals also faced challenges, slipping from 15th to 14th, despite a brief drop to 19th. The directional trend for Snoozy, with a significant sales peak in December, suggests a potential for rebounding and capturing a larger market share, but it will require strategic marketing and consistent product quality to outperform its rising competitors and stabilize its rank and sales in this competitive market.

Snoozy market ranking for NY Edible

Notable Products

In January 2024, Snoozy's top-performing product was the Raspberry Flavored Bedtime Chews 20-Pack (200mg CBD, 200mg THC, 100mg CBN) within the Edible category, maintaining its December 2023 top rank with sales figures reaching 1758 units. Following closely behind was the Orange Flavored Daytime Chews 20-Pack (100mg CBD, 100mg CBG, 100mg THC), also in the Edible category, which held the second position for January 2024, dropping from its previous leading position in November 2023. The sales transition from December 2023 to January 2024 indicates a significant consumer preference shift towards the Raspberry Flavored Bedtime Chews, as evidenced by its sustained ranking and notable sales volume. The Orange Flavored Daytime Chews, despite losing its top spot, remained a strong contender in the market with a considerable sales figure of 844 units in January 2024. These rankings underscore a competitive landscape within Snoozy's Edible line, highlighting consumer preferences for specific product formulations and tastes.

Product Rank
Raspberry Flavored Bedtime Chews 20-Pack (200mg CBD, 200mg THC, 100mg CBN)
Orange Flavored Daytime Chews 20-Pack (100mg CBD, 100mg CBG, 100mg THC)
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