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The Myx

"The Myx" is an innovative cannabis brand known for transforming cannabis into mixable, nano-particle powdered form, primarily distributed in Colorado and Michigan. Utilizing award-winning THC oil, The Myx offers a unique and convenient approach to cannabis consumption, although potential side effects remain limitedly explored. Despite being relatively new, the brand has garnered substantial recognition nationwide, largely propelled by celebrity association with singer Nicki Minaj.
The Myx Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Looking at the performance of The Myx in the Beverage category, we see some interesting trends. The brand seems to be maintaining a steady presence in the top 20 brands in Colorado, with rankings fluctuating slightly between 12th and 13th position from July to October 2023. Although The Myx experienced a slight dip in sales in September 2023, they managed to bounce back in October, indicating a resilient performance in the market.

It's noteworthy that The Myx has consistently stayed within the top 20 brands, which is a positive sign. However, the brand's ranking has not seen significant improvement over the months, indicating that there might be room for growth or a need for strategic changes. The sales figures also suggest a somewhat volatile performance, with fluctuations seen from month to month. This could be due to various factors, which would be worth exploring in more depth. Despite these fluctuations, The Myx has managed to maintain its position in the top 20, which is commendable in the competitive Beverage category in Colorado.

Oct-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Colorado Beverage category, The Myx has been maintaining a fairly consistent position, hovering around the 12th and 13th ranks from July to October 2023. This is in contrast to competitors such as Canyon and ebb., which have shown more fluctuation in their rankings over the same period. Notably, Highgrade Brands has consistently outperformed The Myx, maintaining a top 10 position throughout. Meanwhile, Sano Gardens has shown a significant increase in rank, moving from 11th to 9th place. Sales trends for The Myx have been relatively stable, while its competitors have seen more variability. For instance, ebb.'s sales have significantly decreased, while Highgrade Brands' sales have been consistently higher than The Myx's. These trends could indicate potential opportunities or challenges for The Myx in this competitive landscape.

The Myx market ranking for CO Beverage

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product for The Myx was the Fast Acting Dissolvable Powder (100mg) from the Beverage category. This product maintained its number one ranking from the previous three months. In terms of sales figures, the product saw a slight increase in October with a total of 317 units sold, compared to 282 units in September. This consistent performance indicates a steady demand for this product. It's noteworthy that despite fluctuations in monthly sales, the product's ranking remained stable, demonstrating its strong market presence.

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Fast Acting Dissolvable Powder (100mg)
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