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February 7, 2024
Tiger Tea Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the competitive cannabis beverage category in Massachusetts, Tiger Tea has shown a notable performance trajectory over the last few months. Starting in October 2023, Tiger Tea ranked 19th in sales among cannabis beverage brands in the state, dipped slightly to 22nd in November, before climbing back up to 19th in December, and achieving its highest rank of 18th in January 2024. This fluctuation in ranking, especially the dip in November where it fell out of the top 20, highlights a volatile market position but also indicates a resilience and potential for growth in the brand's strategy. The sales in October 2023 were reported at $10,311, suggesting a strong market presence initially, but the subsequent drop in sales in November, despite a lower ranking, points towards a challenging market environment or possibly strategic adjustments by the brand.

While the specific sales figures for December 2023 and January 2024 were not disclosed, the improvement in rankings during these months suggests a positive response to whatever strategies were implemented following the November slump. The climb back into the top 20, and specifically the advancement to 18th place by January 2024, could indicate a successful adaptation to market demands or effective marketing initiatives by Tiger Tea. However, the absence from the top 20 in November could be seen as a significant setback, emphasizing the brand's need to maintain consistent visibility and competitiveness in the Massachusetts market. This performance analysis hints at a brand that, while facing challenges, is capable of navigating the complexities of the cannabis beverage market with potential for further growth and stabilization in its rankings.

Jan-2024 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the competitive landscape of the beverage category in Massachusetts, Tiger Tea has experienced fluctuations in its market position, indicating a dynamic competitive environment. From October 2023 to January 2024, Tiger Tea's rank oscillated, starting at 19th, dipping to 22nd in November, slightly improving to 19th in December, before settling at 18th in January 2024. This trajectory suggests a struggle to consistently capture or expand its market share amidst stiff competition. Notably, MyHi showed a remarkable improvement, moving from not being in the top 20 in October to securing the 19th spot by January 2024, indicating a significant uptick in consumer interest and sales. Conversely, Bubby's Baked experienced a sharp decline, falling from 15th in November and December to 20th in January, despite a peak in sales in December. Other competitors like Cantrip and Happy Valley have shown more stability in their ranks but with varying sales performance. This competitive analysis underscores the volatile nature of the beverage market in Massachusetts, with Tiger Tea needing to innovate and adapt to climb the ranks and increase its market share.

Tiger Tea market ranking for MA Beverage

Notable Products

In January 2024, Tiger Tea saw "Wild Berry Green Tea (5mg THC, 12oz)" rise to the top spot in their product rankings, marking a significant shift as it had consistently held the second position in the preceding three months. The product achieved sales figures of 656 units in January, overtaking "Strawberry Green Tea (5mg THC, 12oz)", which had been the leading product from October to December 2023. "Strawberry Green Tea (5mg THC, 12oz)" moved to the second rank in January 2024, indicating a close competition within the Beverage category. This shift in rankings highlights a changing consumer preference within Tiger Tea's offerings. The sales dynamics between these two products suggest a competitive edge and potential strategic insights for Tiger Tea's market approach.

Product Rank
Wild Berry Green Tea (5mg THC, 12oz)
Strawberry Green Tea (5mg THC, 12oz)
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