Derby's Farm

Derby's Farm is a distinguished marijuana brand known for its mastery in cannabis production under the experienced guidance of Bruce, a veteran with over 20 years in the industry. Predominantly supplying their products to the markets of Tigard and Medford in Oregon, Derby's Farm distinctly prides itself on quality, monitoring every aspect of cultivation and distribution. And while retaining their core commitment to social impact, the brand is also recognized for a varied array of offerings including Indica-based products with notable THC content and pre-rolled options.
Nov-2023 Sales
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Derby's Farm Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Oregon market, Derby's Farm has demonstrated a notable performance in two key categories; Flower and Pre-Roll. In the Flower category, the brand faced some ups and downs, starting from rank 53 in August 2023, dropping to 69 in September, and then making a significant jump to rank 26 in November. This notable improvement in the brand's rank aligns with an increase in sales from August to November, hinting at a positive trend in the market's preference for Derby's Farm's Flower products.

On the other hand, the brand's performance in the Pre-Roll category in Oregon has been more steady, maintaining a rank within the top 20 across all the observed months. The brand consistently held the 15th rank in August, September, and November, with a slight dip to 18th in October. The sales in this category also remained fairly stable, suggesting a consistent demand for Derby's Farm's Pre-Roll products. This steady performance in a competitive category is indicative of the brand's strong standing in the market.

Nov-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the Pre-Roll category in Oregon, Derby's Farm has maintained a steady presence in the top 20 brands, with ranks fluctuating between 15th and 18th from August to November 2023. This shows a consistent performance, despite facing competition from brands such as Concrete Jungle, SugarTop Buddery, Mule Extracts, and Killa Beez. Notably, while Derby's Farm's rank has remained relatively stable, some competitors have seen more significant changes. For instance, Killa Beez experienced a significant drop in rank from 4th to 17th between September and November. Meanwhile, Mule Extracts, despite not being in the top 20 in August and September, managed to climb to the 16th position by November. These shifts in the competitive landscape could present both challenges and opportunities for Derby's Farm in maintaining or improving its market position.

Derby's Farm market ranking for OR Pre-Roll

Notable Products

In November 2023, the top-performing product from Derby's Farm was the Double Bake Cake (Bulk) from the Flower category, with a remarkable sales figure of 5092 units. This was closely followed by Frosted Flakez (Bulk) and Sour Tropicanna (Bulk), ranking second and third respectively. The fourth and fifth spots were occupied by Banana Cream Pop Shake (Bulk) and Frosted Flakez Shake (Bulk). It's notable that these rankings represent a significant shift from previous months, indicating a dynamic consumer preference within Derby's Farm product range.

Product Rank
Double Bake Cake (Bulk)
Frosted Flakez (Bulk)
Sour Tropicanna (Bulk)
Banana Cream Pop Shake (Bulk)
Frosted Flakez Shake (Bulk)
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