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Guy's Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

Beginning with the Beverage category, Guy's has shown a steady performance in the state of Missouri. Despite a slight dip in ranking from 10th in August 2023 to 11th in September 2023, the brand has consistently remained within the top 20 brands for this category. This is an indication of the brand's resilience and acceptance among consumers in the state. However, it's worth noting that while their ranking has remained fairly stable, their sales have seen a significant decrease from August to September, suggesting some volatility in their market performance.

Looking at the rankings over the past four months, Guy's has shown a slight improvement from June to August 2023, moving from 12th to 10th. This upward movement, albeit small, is a positive sign of the brand's growth potential. However, the absence of a ranking for the month of July indicates that they were not among the top 20 brands in Missouri for that month. While this could be seen as a setback, it also underscores the brand's ability to bounce back and improve its position in subsequent months. This resilience is a noteworthy aspect of Guy's performance in the Beverage category in Missouri.

Sep-2023 Rank

Competitive Landscape

In the beverage category within the state of Missouri, Guy's has been experiencing a fluctuating performance in terms of ranking and sales. In August 2023, Guy's ranked 10th, a slight improvement from its 12th position in both June and July. However, it slipped back to 11th place in September. This indicates a struggle to maintain a consistent position in the top 10 brands. In terms of sales, Guy's has been trailing behind its competitors. For instance, High Five has consistently held the 8th position, with sales significantly higher than Guy's. Similarly, SoGanja, despite a slight dip in ranking from 9th to 11th, has maintained sales figures that are higher than Guy's. This competitive analysis suggests that Guy's needs to bolster its strategies to improve both its ranking and sales in the Missouri beverage category.

Guy's market ranking for MO Beverage

Notable Products

In September 2023, Root Beer Soda (10mg) from Guy's maintained its position as the top-performing product. This product, which falls under the Beverage category, has consistently held the number one rank for the past four months. Notably, it recorded sales of 142 units in September, a slight decrease from August's 392 units. The consistent high rank indicates a strong customer preference for this product. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues in the coming months.

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Root Beer Soda (10mg)
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