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Provisions is a highly regulated cannabis brand complying with both the Cannabis Regulations and Cannabis Act. Known for their stringent verification processes, they provide detailed information related to their cannabis goods, accessories and services to ensure transparency with their customers. Their commitment towards regulated distribution, environmentally cognizant methodologies, and social equity further distinguishes them.
Provisions Historical Sales by Category

Market Insights Snapshot

In the Missouri market, Provisions has been showing a steady performance in the Vapor Pens category. The brand has maintained a position in the top 40 over the period from July to October 2023, with rankings hovering between 32 and 40. While this doesn't place Provisions in the top 20 brands for this category in Missouri, it still shows a consistent presence in a highly competitive segment. The sales figures also indicate a positive trend, with a substantial increase from July to August 2023.

Turning our attention to Nevada, Provisions has a mixed performance across different categories. In the Vapor Pens category, the brand has successfully secured a spot in the top 10 from July to October 2023, indicating a strong presence in this market segment. However, in the Flower category, the brand's ranking has unfortunately been slipping, moving from 65 in July to 96 in October. This suggests a need for strategic adjustments in this category. The Concentrates category presents a unique scenario where the rankings for September and October are missing, implying that Provisions did not make it to the top 20 in these months. This could be a potential area of focus for the brand to improve its market position.

Oct-2023 Rank
Vapor Pens

Competitive Landscape

In the Vapor Pens category in Nevada, Provisions has seen some fluctuation in its rank over the period from July to October 2023. Starting at rank 8 in July, it dropped to 10th place in August, rose to 9th in September, and then fell back to 10th in October. This suggests a slight downward trend in its competitive standing. In comparison, Alternative Medicine Association / AMA has maintained a more consistent rank, while Rythm and CAMP (NV) have seen an upward trend, with Rythm surpassing Provisions in October. High Heads, although lower in rank, has shown a steady improvement over the period. These shifts indicate a highly competitive market, with Provisions needing to strategize to regain its earlier position.

Provisions market ranking for NV Vapor Pens

Notable Products

In October 2023, the top-performing product from Provisions was the Ghost Train Haze Distillate Cartridge (1g), selling 1992 units. The Outer Space Distillate Disposable (1g) came in second, followed by the Papaya Distillate Cartridge (1g), which was also the second-best selling product in September. The Garlic Cookies Distillate Disposable (1g) and Hippie Crasher Distillate Disposable (1g) rounded out the top five. All these top-selling products fall under the Vapor Pens category, indicating a strong customer preference for this category.

Product Rank
Ghost Train Haze Distillate Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Outer Space Distillate Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Papaya Distillate Cartridge (1g)
Vapor Pens
Garlic Cookies Distillate Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
Hippie Crasher Distillate Disposable (1g)
Vapor Pens
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